Are an early period with 1 regular day and 5 days of spotting along with mild charlie horses sore breasts and clear or white secretion signs of pregnancy?

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Those can all be signs of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure. All of those things can also happen during PMS.
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Is it normal to have a period 5 days early or could it be a sign of pregnancy?

I have never heard of that being a sign of pregnancy, but if you think you are pregnant, take a test. Periods, even for people who are normally regular, can change for a lot of reasons. Answer I had a small amount of bleeding, very small, about 4-5 days before my period was expected to start and ( Full Answer )

Is having your period 3 days early a sign of pregnancy?

You shouldn't have a period at all if you are pregnant. At least that's what I've been told. Most of the time if a woman start her period then she isn't pregnant. But you should go to the doctor to see if you are.

What are some early signs of pregnancy if your period isn't due for five days?

Answer . You may not experience any pregnancy symptoms this early. However some women do experience symptoms as soon as 3 days after conception so it is possible. \n. \nUsually you would experience tiredness, urinating more often, tender breasts or nipples, changes in aerola or eating pattern ch ( Full Answer )

You had some light spotting two days before your period was due and some dark brown with a clot the next day then you have had nothing but mild spotting blood since could this be a sign of pregnancy?

dark brown clout? no! that's a sign you need to got to thwe doctor and it could be an infection Answer Hello. Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. If you are pregnant what you described sounds similar to implantation bleeding but I could be wrong. If this is implantation bleeding you wont get a ( Full Answer )

You are 5 days late have sore breasts slight cramps periodically am absolutely knackered to the point of feeling sick some days but have had a negative pregnancy test is there a chance that you could?

Answer . Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant. I would see your doctor for a blood test incase your testing too early with the HPT or incase your not releasing enough HCG into your urine. Pregnancy should always be confirmed by a quantitative beta HCG blood test. This test is highly accur ( Full Answer )

Could it be a sign of early pregnancy if you had spotting then had 1 day of flow then spotting and then your period stops and then you get spotting again for 1 day and periods are normally 4 or 5 days?

Answer . you may be expereincing implantation bleeding where the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall and you can indeed be pregnant so I suggest going to get an at home test or seeing your doctor for a blood test ASAP just so you can know whats going on and get prenatal care if you need ( Full Answer )

What if your period is 10 days late but got a negative Pregnancy test on day 5 but getting cramps along with tiredness can this be sign of early pregnancy?

I would re-test to make sure that you are not pregnant. Cramping could be a sign of something wrong if you are not pregnant. See your health care provider for an ultrasound. * I just found out im 6 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks ago till present I've been having mild craps (what i thought were period ( Full Answer )

Is being bloated and gassy with extreme heartburn and cramps along with being extremely tired and having headaches and sore breasts three days away from AF even with a negative test signs of pregnancy?

Answer . I have never had any real symptoms until a couple weeks after a positive test... though I know some women do... though all those symptoms you have mentioned could also be premenstral symptoms... hopefully you will get the answer you want soon :). Answer . Yes this is signs of pregn ( Full Answer )

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your period is four days early?

Answer Chances of pregnancy . \nNO. Your own personal cycle is adjusting itself. With all the stresses we live with ( this can make our periods late or early ) and shorter months August with 31 and March with, that is reason enough to cause you to be early. The most important reason I do not thi ( Full Answer )

You were delayed for 5 days then the next day you got your period which lasted only for 1 day then after that just pinkish brown spot is it a sign of pregnancy?

maybe..... . It may be a sign that you are expecting but i believe that you should get it checked out first because just jumping to conclusions could cause alot of problems if you are in an relationship or even if it was only a one night stand. can you imagine losing your boyfriend because he did ( Full Answer )

Is spotting on the day of your period a sign of pregnancy?

Well probably not, if you are spotting the day of your period it is probably just your body slowly getting ready for you period. If you do not have a usually period and you only continue to spot, then yes, that could be implantation bleeding.

Can you be pregnant if your period was 2 days late neg pregnancy test and have sore breasts and white creamy discharge?

It is possible. There are several things that can contribute to a negative pregnancy test even if you are pregnant. Some medications can give you a false negative, the timing of the test can affect the results. If you did not follow directions properly; if you let the test sit for too long the resul ( Full Answer )

Im on Mirena and my menstrual cycle came on every 21 day and last for 5 days but on this month my period was normal for 2 days and I spotted the other 3 days I have sore breast am I preggo. Help?

I've had the Mirena for almost six months now and it is normal for your period to decrease. From what I have read they should balance out within the first 6 - 12 months and are standarly lighter and in some cases (1 out of 5) you don't have a period! As for the sore breast, I've also experienced the ( Full Answer )

Is sore breasts and bloating signs of early pregnancy?

Sore breasts and bloating can be a sign of pregnancy, but sore breasts can also be a sign your periods due. With the bloating it wouldn't usually occur until about 10wks in pregnancy as you will find yourself constipated which naturally enough would cause you to bloat. When you arrive on your period ( Full Answer )

I am not expecting my period for another two days but my breasts are sore and I've had mild cramping could i be pregnant or are they just signs of my period?

Nature tends to play tricks on us, even from month to month! Breast pain and cramping are indeed two of the many signs of early pregnancy, but they could also just be signs of your period coming. If you are not pregnant, you will indeed find out soon enough as the cramping and breast pain will pr ( Full Answer )

What are the signs of pregnancy in early days before a missed period?

Pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person. Some people experience no symptoms at all before a missed period. Some women experience symptoms such as fatigue, nausea or breast tenderness. Pay attention to your body, and take a pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period.