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i think that wild animals should only be kepted in captivity if they are ill, ingered or diseased, i think it is cruel to put uningered animals in captivity.

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Why do cats and dogs make better pets then wild animals?

Wild animals will rip your face off.

Are pandas better off in the wild or in captivity?

I think that it is good and bad because in captivity they are not free and can't do much thing's or learn how to survive on there own. But, on the other hand in captivity they are much safer and will not be killed.

Why is keeping animals in captivity good?

Keeping animals in captivity is good for conservation. If endangered animals are brought into captivity they once again will have a chance to breed unharmed therefore producing more animals to be released into the wild thus improving the population of that species. In other simpler words, it makes more animals so they don't die off.

Are animals better off in zoo?

No, they are not, animals in captivity normally live shorter lives because staying in captivity they get lazy knowing that their meal come to them because the people who work at the zoo will bring it to them normally and so next time you go to the zoo have a look at them are they being lazy and laying down or are they chasing their own food? - ignore above answer, animals in captivity live longer due to constant food supply and less stress. zoos and wildlife parks are committed to enrichment programs which aims to match the natural behaviour of the animal that would be found in the wild. however in my opinion wildlife parks are much better than zoos and animals should only be placed in captivity if endangered in the wild and strong breeding programs are set up to help the populations.

Are grizzly bears better in zoos or in the wild life?

All animals are better off in zoos, because they are fed every day and do not have to starve.

How are animals miserable in captivity?

When animals are incaptivity, they can't roam around area or be where their culture is. They are cut off completely.

Are animals better off in captivity?

Sometimes they can be but sometimes it can be BAD captivity It depends! I went to a zoo a while ago and the penguins had a tiny swimming place and the water was 3 ft. deep! Guess how many penguins? 17! Its sad how animals are treated this way. Polar bears should not be in Captivity along with (Hippos, Penguins, Lions, ext.) Please try to help<3

What is the significance of wild animals?

Wild animals in one way or another contribute to the food web. If all of the wild animals were demesticated then everything would be off balance and die.

How do seahorses react to being a pet?

Sea horses caught in the wild and then put in an aquarium do not like being a pet and will quickly die off. Sea horses bred for captivity do much better.

How do you take care of polliwogs?

Better off releasing them into the nearest pond, they don't do well in captivity.

Are zoos the best place for endangered animals?

There are those who agree and those who don't. The don'ts would argue that zoo's are a false environment that cause undue mental and physical sufferingand the animals would be better off in the wild even if the ultimate outcome was extinction through diminishing habitat, disease and predation. Those who agree with zoo's would argue that endangered animals can be bred, studied and treated safely in captivity and returned, disease free, to the wild in viable numbers to repopulate habitats.i agree!

Why can't desert turtles go back to the wild after contact with humans?

Tortoises and turtles held in captivity can pick up diseases and spread them to wild animals. The captive animals live a fairly stress-free life so are able to fend off the diseases. However, wild populations live a more stressful life and their immune systems may not be able to cope with any sort of infection.

How is syrup used to capture wild animals?

the syrup lets off a sweetie smell and the animals like it

How do you tame animals in Age of Empires 3?

There are currently only two ways to acquire wild animals in AOE 3 without cheating. First off if you have the warchief's expansion you can use your warchief to tame wild animals. Secondly, you can use the map editor to give yourself wild animals.

How long is a jaguar's life?

a jaguar can live up to 11-12 years in wild and over 20 years in captivity. i got it off of

What are all the wild animals off the coast of California?

monkeys, bunny's, birds,racoons

Are animals better off in a zoo or in there natural habitat?

zoos they take care of animals more

What effects might genetically modified plants and animals have on an ecosystem if they breed with wild plants and animals?

to live off plants in water

What kind of animals are rhinos scared off?

I've seen rhinos in the wild. They don't appear to be scared of any other animals.

What animals eat small wild fish?

off the top of my head i know that snakes will, and turtles

How do people survive in the wild?

They survive off of nature, for example: The trees, animals, rivers, and plants.

What do mosquito fish eat?

A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

What is the chance for two birds who were pets for about 3 years and were born in captivity surviving in the wild?

Sadly, they have no chance to survive on their own. They have not been taught the necessary skills needed to make it in the wild. They don't know how to hunt for food, or what to eat, how to build a nest, etc. These birds are better off living a happy life in the warmth of a nice home.

What animals does the Iguana live with?

they are better off only with other iguanas

How does a koala survive in the wild?

The wild? That is where they live, to them there is no "wild". They are wild animals, be wary approaching them in their habitat.They live in trees and eat eucalyptus leaves, increasing their metabolism and strength so they can fight off intruders to their environment.