Are animals better than people?

OK first of all we are equal, if animals are not hunted they become over populated and disease spreads faster among the animal population. So really we are helping them because if they were not hunted they would suffer. More car accidents, and animal abuse would be caused with an overpopulated population of animals. I agree that humans are taking over their homes but if we all work together and learn how to live together the world can be saved and every living organism would be happy!

animals like deer, rabbits, dogs, fish, birds, etc are better because they are helping the world and people/humans are killing the animals which is killing the earth. if people keep this up then in the next hundred years the animal population will go down 99.9%. and the people population will go up 90% every month!
people need to be on chains, live in cages, starve, tortured, and go to hell!
hunt the people! save the animals!

their will be a war!