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On the most part the answere is no. However the places where the same cells and molecules remain for a lifetime are the brain and the egg cells that the female carries.

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How are warm and cold molecules alike?

they are exactly the same in every way except the warm ones move faster

Are molecules homogeneous?

Molecules can but do not have to be homogeneous. Molecules are homogeneous when they appear the same, smell the same, and are made up of the same structure.

Are molecules and elements the same thing?

Molecules and elements are not the same thing. There are many molecules in elements but not elements inside of molecules.

Do molecules stay the same during physical change?

Yes. Molecules remain the same.

Does a sauna help to sweat out drugs?

Any type of sweating your body does will help the acceleration of THC molecules to be purged from your body. It is not as efficient as working out, nevertheless has the same effect.

Concentration of molecules is the same throughout the space?

Equilibrium is the concentration of molecules that is the same throughout the space.

Which molecules are compounds?

Same type of molecules taken together is called a compoundSame type of molecules taken together is called a compound

When the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same what will the molecules do?

If the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same, nothing will happen to the molecules. Osmosis only occurs when there is an imbalance of the molecules across the cell membrane.

Are molecules the same as a atom?

No because molecules are multiple atoms

Do iron molecules look the same?

Yes. As iron is an element, all iron molecules look the same.

Are atoms the same as molecules?

atoms are inside of molecules they make up the chemical composition of molecules

Are the molecules that formed us after conception still part of your body?

Your body is kept alive by continuous reactions - breaking down and forming new molecules. Molecules being made up of different atoms. Since so much activity goes on in the body, it is highly unlikely that the same molecules will remain even over the length of time from conception to birth. However, it is possible that the same atoms are present, as they the constant reactions just break one molecule down and use the components to form another. With cell death, and waste production, molecules and atoms will be lost from the body, so over time, the original atoms you had will be lost to the environment. It would be impossible to say when you lost all of them, or even if it occurred.

What volume of carbon dioxide contains the same number of molecules as 20ml of oxygen at the same conditions?

The same number of molecules implies the same number of moles.

Movement of atoms or molecules in solid form?

atoms and molecules are the same.

What will molecules do when the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane are the same?

They will do nothing.

Are molecules and X-rays the same size?

No. molecules are smaller.

All the iron molecules that are in our body were originally created by?

An exploding (at the end of its life) star. Same for all the other atoms - except hydrogen.

What happens to the same molecules of water when they cool off?

Heat is motion of molecules. The molecules slow down.

What is the condition in which the concentration of molecules is the same?

Its the same in homeostasis Its the same in homeostasis

If the concentrationof molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same the molecules will?

When the concentration of molecules on both sides of a semi permeable membrane are the same, there is no concentration gradient. Therefore, the system is at a state of equilibrium and the molecules remain static

Are 2 molecules in water the same?

Nope, All molecules are different. They might look the same, but they aleast have thing different.

what attractive force holds molecules of the same substance together?


Does Solid and liquid molecules have the same size?

No the solids and liquid molecules differ.

Are molecules the same as particles?

No they aren't. Particles in general are smaller than molecules.

Are molecules of ice have less mass than molecules of water?

No. They have the same mass.