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any zoo that has a giant panda is trying to help keep them from going exstinct

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Q: Are any zoos helping Giant Pandas from becoming extinct?
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When were giant pandas becoming extinct?

If they are not helped soon, it will be in no time but zoos are helping with the breeding programs although it may take some time.

What are you doing to stop giant pandas from becoming extinct?

stop killing them

Are giant panda in danger to becoming extinct?

Giant pandas are now classified as vulnerable to extinction but not listed as endangered.

Are giant pandas extinct or not?

some giant pandas are exctinct

Is the giant pandas extinct?

No, there not extinct, there are about 3000 pandas left in the wild.

Why are giant pandas becoming rare?

they r bcoming extinct couse people are killing them and using there fur for things.

How can you help save the giant pandas from becoming extinct?

dont shoot and eat them, or make a zoo for them, or give a charity that helps them money

What if red pandas were extinct?

then there would only be blue pandas no their would only be giant pandas and they would go extinct right after red pandas.

Why should you save giant pandas?

Because giant pandas are endangered species! They could become extinct!

Are pandas becoming extinct?

No, the Chinese government is protecting te giant panda, and it's illegal to shoot a giant panda in China. Also, there's 3,000 giant pandas in tbe wild, and like 180 in captivity. Also, the giant panda population is rising.

Are red pandas going extinct?

no, only the cute, big, chubby GIANT PANDAS! :'(

What organisations are helping giant pandas to survive?