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some giant pandas are exctinct

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Q: Are giant pandas extinct or not?
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Is the giant pandas extinct?

No, there not extinct, there are about 3000 pandas left in the wild.

What if red pandas were extinct?

then there would only be blue pandas no their would only be giant pandas and they would go extinct right after red pandas.

Why should you save giant pandas?

Because giant pandas are endangered species! They could become extinct!

Are red pandas going extinct?

no, only the cute, big, chubby GIANT PANDAS! :'(

What are you doing to stop giant pandas from becoming extinct?

stop killing them

Are giant panda in danger to becoming extinct?

Giant pandas are now classified as vulnerable to extinction but not listed as endangered.

What has caused a panda bear to be extinct?

The giant panda is neither extinct nor endangered. They are now classified as vulnerable.

About when will Giant Pandas become extinct if we keep taking their habitats?

i think that it might be awhile

Why do people care about giant pandas being extinct?

because they are so cuddly and soft

How are giant pandas useful to mankind?

Giant Pandas are actually no use to mankind but we like to keep around so they don't go extinct but they don't add anything to our lifestyle.

When did giant pandas start to become extinct?

hey yeh so this time im not going to tell you to kill it because i love pandas but listen up, what do u want a panda for to hump it?

Are giant pandas endangered or extinct?

Neither, they are currently listed as vulnerable.