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no its not illegal, it legal

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Q: Are apk files legal
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How can you find the uninstalled APK files on your Android phone?

I can do it by my Android file manager File Expert. Enter the app and find My Files tab, you can see all your APK files there,all, installed and uninstalled.

How do you get apk files?

You can download it from the playstore or any file sharing websites?

How do you convert APK files to PDF?

you can not convert apk file to pdf. apk file is android application whereas pdf is portable document format. What do you expect to read in the pdf file generated from android application installer.

Is there an easier way to find all uninstalled apk files on your HTC Desire 610?

File Expert can help you manage files on Android phone. 1.Install the app onto your phone. 2. Open the app and My Files Tab, select APK Files. 3. Enter Unistalled, tick the files you want to delete and remove them by the trash bin icon at the bottom.

Where can I download free games for my stylus idroid?

Most ".apk" android installation files will work. Google it

How can you find and delete uninstalled APK files on your Android phone?

You can try File Expert to help you with Android phone management. 1.Install it onto your phone in Google Play. 2. Open the app and My Files Tab, select APK Files. 3. Enter Uninstalled, tick the files you want to delete and remove them by the trash bin icon at the bottom.

What is apk used for?

Apk is used for android devices to get paid apps for free. For example, if you want the game 'cut the rope,' type in google search, "cut the rope.apk" and select one of the options and you can download it for free instead of paying. I would say is a good website for that. Apk stands for Android Application Package, you can use it on you phone. You can get APK files from and

Where can you download apk files for tablet?

Go to the app on your tablet called Market. You can search for apps and they will be downloaded and automatically installed when you press download, or if they cost money you will press buy and purchase them. f you want an apk of an app, go to then search for the app, press download and the apk will be downloaded for you to install.

How can you unlock Zip files on your Samsung Note2?

You can install a file management app on your Android to zip and unzip files and find all your files by type in File Expert. Enter the app-My Files Tab-APK Files-Then you can open any zip file.

What is the key for Dragon city hack apk Apk source httpcheatsspottcomp491?

You could try downloading that APK from

What is APK file?

Android application package (APK) is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. The files that contain the .apk file extension store the files that are needed to run a single Android application on an Android mobile device. A way to install an application on your Android is to download an APK file first.Then open it with the file manager on your phone.Follow the instructions and you will have a new application. You may have lots of applications on your Android,to manage them,I recommend to you Power Clean,a very powerful tool helps you clean up your phone,make it more smoothly without impact on normal use.

What is the easiest way to clean APK files on your Android phone?

You need a file manager to clean your phone. I've been using File Expert to help me manage my Android. Let me show you how to clean it. 1.Download and install File Expert from Google Play 2.Open the app, enter APK Files. Select the files you want to delete and click a trash can icon at the bottom. Ok, all is done.

Is frostwire completely safe and legal?

Frostwire is a file sharing site. It is not completely safe and legal. People can get viruses from downloading files. All the files are not legal, but some are legal.

What are legal ways to share files on the internet?

Bit torrent is legal to use as long as the files you are sharing are not copyrighted.

How we can share the android applications from one device to another except apk files?

You can share Android applications from one device to another using the Bluetooth sharing device.

How do you convert .apk file to .sis file?

how to convert a apk file to sis file

Where can you download Plants vs Zombies 2 without a sign up?

You can download it from Google Playstore or Appstore but you really need to sign up. It is the most secure way to play it. But if you want an alternative way, you can search the internet for an APK installer for Plants vs Zombies 2. But some of these APK files cannot be updated.

Meaning of apk?

An apk refers to a file downloaded and formatted specifically for android operating systems.

How do i install apk Android?

You can go to vipmods.netAfter downloading from the website, you just put it on your android phone, click the apk file, and your phone will open it in the apk downloader automatically.

How you play androids games on win 7?

no you can't run apk files on win7. it's possible if u can find pc version of that games like angry birds have.

How do you convert apk to jar?

no its not possible to convert .apk to .jar. and there's no software available on the net which can do so.

How do you download robo tek apk?

Simply Download any of the Android App APK from this Site:

How do you download games on to android emulator app?

There are various emulators available. Some come with the software you are using and automatically upload your files to view in an emulator (Adobe Dreamweaver for instance.) If not, you need to download and emulator that accepts the code you've written it in and upload the files or APK.

What type of APK expansion files does the Jobb tool allow you to build?

Each expansion file that is uploaded can be any format one chooses (Zip, PDF, MP4, etc). The JOBB tool can also be used to encapsulate and encrypt a set of resource files and subsequent patches for that set.

Are all files legal to use?


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