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Any MacBook released since May 2006 and any MacBook Pro released since January 2006 has an Intel CPU. This means that they are capable of running the Windows operating system with the appropriate software. To boot into Windows without running OS X, you need Bootcamp which is on the Leopard install disk and is installed by default. If you would like to run Windows or Windows programs while running OS X (in other words, without the need to reboot to switch between operating systems), there are several software packages available for that. Parallels Desktop and VM Ware Fusion are currently the most popular. If you have a pre-Intel Mac (not a G5, unfortunately), you can install Windows through Microsoft's own VirtualPC software, which is included with some versions of Office 2004. The main disadvantage to this is that VirtualPC is actually emulating another machine, so this solution is not acceptable is speed/performance are necessary. Here is a page with more information on using Windows on an Intel Mac:
Windows 98 was produced strictly for use on x86 based IBM-Compatible computers.

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Are apple laptops compatible with windows DOWNLOAD?


Is the current windows 7 laptops Windows 8 compatible?


Why do ipads have siri and laptops have Cortana?

iPads are Apple and laptops are windows.

Is Windows software compatible with Apple computers?

Windows software is compatible with Apple Computers, but you must have Windows installed on your Mac to do so. If you have a Mac made after 2006, you are able to install Windows on your computer, and you can use a virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop to run Windows from your Mac.

Is Microsoft Silverlight compatible with Windows XP?

Silverlight is compatible with Windows XP IF Service Pack 2 is installed. For Apple users - Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above are required

Is 'Windows 98' compatible with IBM computers or Apple computers?

IBM not Apple.

Are Apple laptops better than Windows laptops?

Most people would say that it depends whether you like working with an Apple or a PC. People have their preferences for both sides. Technically speaking, Apple laptops are known for their funtionality, design, and useability.

Is a Dell Inspiron 1525 compatible with Windows Server 2003?

Most personal computers, and especially laptops, are not advertised as being compatible with Windows server products, since they are not intended for the same purposes. In practice, most computers that can run Windows XP should be compatible with Windows Server 2003, but some things like power management (especially important in laptops) may not work correctly.

Is Windows'98' compatible with IBM compatible or Apple computers?

IBM no longer produces hardware that is compatible with Windows '98 but it will run on a recent Apple computer within the Virtual Box software. (See links below)

Is windows 98 compatible with IBM compatible or apple computers?

i thin it might be IBM because apple have their own way of surfing the web and stuff

Is windows media player compatible with apple ipod?

No iTunes only

Is windows 98 compatible with IBM compatible or apple coputers?

No, but Windows 3.1 was used for some of the programs on IBM OS Warp 2, so it's usable with 3.1 stuff, but not on Apple PCs...

Is widows 98 compatible with IBM-compatible or apple computers?

Windows works with IBM machines, though Windows '98 is incredibly obsolete at this time.

Is windows 98 compatible with IBM or apple computers?


What is the difference between Apple Macintosh and IBM compatible laptops?

I don't understand the question, but IBM is now Lenovo.

How many types of Computers or Laptops are there?

3. Windows, Apple, and another one that I can't remember.

Are apple laptops really worth the price that you are paying for it?

To be honest, yes. Windows 7 is so much worse. With Microsoft Laptops your paying for the OS and that's about it.

Are Apple Mac and Microsoft compatible?

Yes. Most of the files are compatible and Apple has this terrific application called "BootCamp" that lets u run Microsoft windows on ur mac seamlessly.

Which laptop apple or a window?

It depends on the requirements.Apples and windows both of the laptops are good.Keep the following points in Mind:Windows is kind of universal and have the biggest market.Apples are things of style.Windows laptops are also stylish and work great.You need to buy many things in apple which are free in windows.If you need to work on PC then the standard would be a windows one.WORKING OF BOTH IS SAME

What version of Quicktime player is compatible with windows 2000?

QuickTime version 6.5.2 was the last version that was compatible with Windows 2000. Apple has a link to download this version. (See links below)

Do apples still run windows software?

Yes, you can still run windows software products on the Apple computers and laptops. Whether or not you would want to do that would be up to you as Apple has their own software as well.

Do you have a wireless mouse that is compatible with laptops?

Yes, there are many different styles of wireless mouses available that are compatible with laptops.

Is blackberry compatible with windows?

What IS compatible with windows!!!!

Why do movies and television shows have the Apple Mac logo on their PC's and laptops No one uses Windows?

Because Apple usually has the license for the show or movie in question.

Are Apple laptop computers compatible with gaming software?

Apple laptop computers are compatible with gaming software. There are many many more titles of games available for Windows computers though. Apple computers do get a lot of games but some of them come out later for Mac than Windows. Also, the more cutting edge games are more well suited to be ran on a Windows computer.

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