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Are apple laptops compatible with windows?


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Any MacBook released since May 2006 and any MacBook Pro released since January 2006 has an Intel CPU. This means that they are capable of running the Windows operating system with the appropriate software. To boot into Windows without running OS X, you need Bootcamp which is on the Leopard install disk and is installed by default. If you would like to run Windows or Windows programs while running OS X (in other words, without the need to reboot to switch between operating systems), there are several software packages available for that. Parallels Desktop and VM Ware Fusion are currently the most popular. If you have a pre-Intel Mac (not a G5, unfortunately), you can install Windows through Microsoft's own VirtualPC software, which is included with some versions of Office 2004. The main disadvantage to this is that VirtualPC is actually emulating another machine, so this solution is not acceptable is speed/performance are necessary. Here is a page with more information on using Windows on an Intel Mac:
Windows 98 was produced strictly for use on x86 based IBM-Compatible computers.