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Is the MAC computer system compatible with windows Xp?

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There are certain tricks to install MAC on PC (or Windows Xp on MAC) but it's rather challange and requires special skills. Thus, the answer is NO, MAC is not compatible with Windows XP.

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Are Nancy drew computer games compatible on a mac computer?

The Nancy Drew games are only available for computers using the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Mac OS X.

is Mac computer software compatible on Windows?

Mac is computer software that isn't compatible on Windows. You shall have to create a hackintosh (building a computer with specific parts) to be able to run Mac osx. It does work the other way around. Mac can run Windows.

Is Windows software compatible with Apple computers?

Windows software is compatible with Apple Computers, but you must have Windows installed on your Mac to do so. If you have a Mac made after 2006, you are able to install Windows on your computer, and you can use a virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop to run Windows from your Mac.

Office 2010 is compatible with Windows 8 running on a Mac. It is not compatible with any Mac OS.?

Office 2010 is compatible with Windows 8 running on a Mac. It is not compatible with any Mac OS.

If a computer game says windows can you play it on a mac?

If a game is written to use the Windows operating system then it will require the Windows operating system to play. The Mac's operating system (Mac OS X) is not Windows and so Windows games will not work with it. If it is a recent Mac with an Intel processor then you can install the Windows operating system on to the Mac and then you can play Windows games on a Mac.

Is a Windows 7 better than mac?

Windows 7 is an operating system. A Mac is a computer. A Mac can run Windows 7. The two things are not comparable.

How do you play Maplestory on Mac?

You can't play Maplestory on Mac. It's not compatible for Mac. The only way to play Maplestory is to get a computer that is compatible for Maplestory. Like Dell, Windows, or HP. Hope this helped. :)

Is the electronic Boggle for PC game compatible with Mac software?

No, unless you have a windows operating system downloaded onto your mac.

How do you determine the amount of ram on a windows system?

Windows: Right click on My Computer> Properties Or Control pannel> System And security> system Mac: Click finder, about this mac

Does Mac supports windows compatible softwares?

No. On the latest MacIntosh Computers (they have a Intel inside) you can run Windows compatible software, but only if you also install the Windows Operating system as well.

Can you play wolfquest on HP computer after saving it on a flashdrive from a iMac?

Not unless the game is Mac & Windows compatible.

What are examples of computer software?

Examples of computer software are windows 9 and the mac system.

Can you put Mac OS X on a Windows Computer?

Windows is an operating system for computers it is not a type of computer. Mac OS X can legally only be installed on a computer made by Apple. The Windows operating system can be purchased and installed on any suitable computer including Apple's.

What kinds of computers such as PCs and Macs is the Mac OS system compatible with?

The Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) was created for, and is compatible with, Apple's Macintosh range of computers. As the Macintosh is a personal computer (PC) it can also run other operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows or various implementations of Linux.

Is there a minitab for mac available?

Minitab is a computer program that analyses statistics. The Minitab program is not compatible with Mac computers it runs on Windows operating systems.

Does an ipod require a mac computer or can you just use any computer to download stuff to it?

you need a mac or computer with windows here is the specs,Mac system requirementsMac computer with USB 2.0 portMac OS X v10.4.11 or lateriTunes 9 or later9Windows system requirementsPC with USB 2.0 portWindows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or lateriTunes 9 or later9

Is Nokia PC suite compatible with MAC?

The Nokia PC suite requires the Windows operating system and will only work with a Mac if the Mac is running a compatible version of Windows. Nokia produces a suite of software specifically for the Mac - iSync, Multimedia transfer and device as modem (See links below).

Are PC games compatible for Mac?

Yes, but not all are. You can find out if if they are compatible by checking the system requirements on the box or the company's website. If it is not compatible you can run it on Boot Camp for Mac, a program that lets you run a Windows OS on a Mac ( Boot Camp does not include Windows. You must provide your own properly licensed installation disc.)

Can Windows Media Player be used on a Mac?

The media player on the Windows application only allows Windows media to play on the system. It is built into the computer operating system. However Mac has an optional download that enables Windows application to be used on their system.

Which software is used to start computer?

The operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS.

Is this computer game controller compatible with Mac?

You must purchase a Mac compatible game controller

Can you install micrsoft not for Mac on a Mac computer?

Software requires a specific operating system to work with a computer. Software designed to work with the Windows operating system will not work with Mac OS X and vice versa. For example the Microsoft Office suite for Windows will not work on a computer running Mac OS X which will require the Mac version of Microsoft Office.

What is finder in computer terms?

Built in file system manager on Mac OS. Think of it as of the Windows Explorer on Mac.

Is there a boot camp for windows like there one for mac?

Boot camp is used for installing Windows on a Macintosh. A similar program would serve little purpose for Windows, as legally Mac OS X can only be run on a Mac, whereas Windows can be run on any compatible personal computer.

What type of printer is compatible with Dell computer?

It isn't the computer that would effect compatibility, but rather the operating system (i.e. windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, mac OSx, Ubuntu) All printers come with a CD or DVD with the drivers that are necessary for installation. Also, on the side of the printer box or in the owners manual there is a list of compatible operating systems.

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