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asteroids vary in size from rock size to earth size and bigger.

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Q: Are asteroids larger then earth
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Related questions

Do asteroids vary greatly in size?

Yes. Asteroids can be anywhere from the size of a grain of sand to larger than the Earth.

What are asteroids larger than?

Asteroids are larger than Meteoroids.

Does meteor and asteroids look alike?

No. meteors are the bits of dust and stone that burn up on entering Earth's atmosphere. Asteroids are larger rocky lumps floating round in space. We hope the larger ones do not meet Earth's atmosphere.

What the asteroids are larger or smaller than planets?

are asteroids smaller or larger than planets

What layer of the atmosphere protects Earth's surface from being hit by asteroids?

The entire atmosphere will burn up small asteroids (meteors), but larger ones will strike the Earth. This is how the Caribbean Sea was created.

Do stars become asteroids in space?

Stars are tremendously larger than asteroids and do not become asteroids.

Are asteroids larger than stars?

No. Asteroids are tiny compared to stars.

Are comets larger then asteroids?

Virtually all comets are larger than some asteroids and smaller than others.

What Small lumps of rock orbiting the sun?

Meteors. If they are larger than about 10 meters, they are called asteroids or planetoids.Meteors. If they are larger than about 10 meters, they are called asteroids or planetoids.Meteors. If they are larger than about 10 meters, they are called asteroids or planetoids.Meteors. If they are larger than about 10 meters, they are called asteroids or planetoids.

Are meteoroids larger than comets but larger than asteroids?


Are meteoroids or asteroids larger?

Asteroids are larger. Meteoroids range in size from sand to boulders. Asteroids range in size from a few tens of feet to several hundred miles.

How can you tell asteroids collide with earth?

Craters are a significant sign of collisions with asteroids therefore yes asteroids collide with Earth

What are the group of asteroids that may occasionally cross earth?

Asteroids that occasionally cross the orbit of Earth are known as Near Earth Asteroids. Asteroids that both cross the orbit of the Earth and are large enough to pose a significant threat in the event of an impact are known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.

Does the Asteroid Belt have any Moons?

Several of the larger asteroids have smaller asteroids that orbit them.

Are comets larger than asteroids?


How do you use asteroids in a sentence?

The asteroids were coming fast to earth

What can destroy earth?


Are asteroids and meteroids the same?

Not exactly. Asteroids and meteoroids fall into the same category of object, the only difference being that asteroids are larger.

Where does asteroids come from?

Asteroids are small fractions of much larger stars, planets, and rocks in space.

Are Asteroids larger than meteoroids?

Yes, an Asteroid is larger than a Meteoroid.

Where meteorites came from?

Meteorites can from asteroids that landed on Earth's surface. They were originally chipped off larger planetary bodies by bolide impact.

How often do 1km or larger asteroids hit earth?

Fortunately not very often - because if one does hit, it would be a major catastrophe.

Where are the Apollo asteroids located?

Apollo asteroids cross Earth's orbit

Is Costa Rica safe from asteroids?

No. Asteroids can hit anywhere on earth.

Do asteroids cross the Earth's orbit as they orbit the Sun?

Some asteroids do cross earth's orbit, but most do not.