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The difference is the size and how much urine they can hold. That is after all what diapers are for. If you use it as a fetish you just have to try.

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Q: Are baby diaper is better or old people diapers?
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What is the difference between baby diaper and adult diaper?

Adult and baby diapers are the same, except adult diapers are much bigger.

What are cloth diapers for?

Instead of using a disposable diaper like what most people use nowadays, you use a cloth diaper, which you wash and reuse. They're a lot better for your baby than a disposable diaper is actually. And they're a LOT cheaper.

Can A Baby Diaper fit someone who wears Size 14 Pants?

A baby diaper will not but they make adult diapers that will.

What is your best diaper?

Cloth Diapers are the best diapers, they do not have plastic, oils and eliminate diaper rash...Great company that we use in Arizona is For Baby And Me

How do you diaper a teen?

Pull ups grandparents diapers baby diapers or own up to ur parents!

Should teens wear diapers?

I wouldn't say should unless there is a medical reason. Now can teens wear diapers is the better question. If you or whoever you're talking about likes them then it is fine. When someone wears a diaper for personal desire they are usually fit into a group called TB/DL or Teen Baby/Diaper Lover. Teen Babies like to do baby things and/or they feel safe in diapers. A diaper lover is sexually attracted in some way to the diaper.

What are some of the benefits of using cloth diapers?

The benefits of using a cloth diaper is that the diaper will save almost $2500 per child. The baby will also have less diaper rash, the baby wont be exposed to sodium polyacralate and using cloth diapers will reduce the chances of a baby getting asthma.

How long does it take a diaper to decompose?

A disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill due to its materials like plastics and synthetic fibers. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, can take up to 50-150 days to decompose depending on their materials and conditions.

What is the good point does baby diaper bags have?

There are a number of good points that a baby diaper bag has in general. A baby diaper bag can be used to hold extra diapers, clothing, bottles, and can hold a changing pad.

What kind of diapers are best for baby?

Rubber pants, or other occlusive fabrics, should not be used over the diaper area. Some cloth-like disposable diapers promote better air circulation than plastic-type diapers. It may be necessary for mothers to experiment

What are some benefits for using cotton diapers?

There are plenty of benefits for using cotton diapers such as the baby will have less diaper rash, the baby will not be exposed to sodium polyacralate.

How many diapers does an average diaper backpack bag hold?

Diaper backpack bags are designed to carry everything you will need on the go with a baby. Many bags will hold sixteen diapers and all the baby supplies you could imagine.