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It's like with zebras. no one knows.

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Are bees black with yellow stripes or yellow with black stripes?

Most bees have thoraxes and heads that are black in color, indicating that the natural color of the bee is black. Then a bee is black with yellow stripes.

Are bees covered with yellow and black stries?

Most bumble bees have yellow and black stripes.

Do bees have yellow or black stripes?

Some bees have black and yellow stripes which may be made from the color of their exoskeleton or the colors of setae (hairs). They may also have black and white stripes or no stripes at all.

Are bumble bees any brown?

No. They are black with yellow stripes; or yellow with black stripes. Does it really matter?

Black and two yellow striped bees?

Most bees are yellow and black and have stripes. However, a bee that has two stripes is most likely a bumblebee.

How does bee look like?

Bees have stripes that are black and yellow.

Why does the bee have black and yellow stripes?

The black and yellow stripes that bees and wasps share are to warn other animals (including humans) that they are dangerous. That is why people get alarmed when they see any flying insect with black and yellow stripes. The hover fly for example has black and yellow stripes. People are scared of them, even though they are completely harmless.

Are there bees with stripes that are not bumble bees?

Yes, there are many bees with stripes that are not bumble bees. Honey bees for one have stripes, along with many other bees, wasps and bee and wasp mimics. Black and yellow and black and white stripes serve as an easily identifiable warning coloration that helps reduce predation on all the bees and wasps that wear them.

Are all bees striped?

no. Not all bees are striped. The bumblebee is the one you see with the black and yellow stripes

Are bumble bees purple?

No. They are mostly black with yellow stripes but there are lots of different species.

What are a honey bees structural adaptations?

a bees structural adaptation is that that they are black with yellow stripes and that bees can camouflage into flower petals but some cant.

What is the most likely reason why wasps and bees have black and yellow stripes?

Bees and wasps have black and yellow stripes to warn other animals that they are dangerous. The evolution of animal coloration is used not only to warn but also for camouflage, mimicry, distraction, and protection.

What colour is a bees bottom?

It depends on the species of the bee. Some bee's bottoms are black. Others are black with yellow stripes. While others have grey stripes. There are over 250 species of bees and they all look different.

Are tigers black with orange stripes?

No, they are not. They are orange with black stripes NOT black with orange/yellow stripes.

Are bumblebees and honey bees the same?

No, there are not. The bumble bee and the honey bee are two separate species. Bumble bees are rounded and hairy. Their colour ranges between different shades of black and yellow stripes. Their large size makes them less productive than honey bees. Honey bees are slim and wasp-like. They have stripes of varying yellow and black shades, but they also have grey stripes along their abdomen. Because they are slim, they are faster and therefore better honey collectors than bumble bees.

What is a baby turtle with yellow and black stripes?

A baby turtle with yellow and black stripes is usually a yellow-bellied slider. Their skin is striped yellow and black, and their shells have yellow and black swirls.

What bug looks like a large bee but has yellow and black stripes on back instead of abdomen?

to whoever asked this question it does not make sense.bees have black and yellow stripesthe only other things on there back are wings.Please revise and change the question

Why is a bee black and yellow?

it is not black and yellow its black and yellow STRIPES :to warn other animals

What is a beetle that is black with yellow stripes?

The black-and-yellow longhorn is a beetle that is black with yellow stripes.Specifically, the beetle in question (Typocerus sparsus) has a black head, thorax and abdomen. The hardened, outer set of wings on the upper body also is black, but with yellow stripes. The mature longhorn will showcase three or four horizontally-running yellow stripes.

What type of bees with grey and black stripes?

There are a few types of bees that can be described as having gray and black stripes. This includes the mining bee and the white faced hornet.

What is a venomous snake with red stripes bordered by yellow stripes?

Coral snakes have red, yellow, and black stripes.

What looks like a black ant with yellow stripes?

I heard something about a patato bug and bees. Either way it doesn't sound good.

What kind of bug has yellow orange and black stripes with four legs?

A bee has yellow, orange, and black stripes and four legs.

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