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Are blogs and blogging safe?

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Yes, if you share your thoughts, ideas, poems, pictures and just

generally have fun.

To begin blogging, you firstly need to create a safe site that

may not harm yourself or your audience. To build a site easily, you

can build a WordPress site, for there are many free and premium

themes, say in, you can find kinds of

themes to build your site.

You could potentially open yourself to stalkers and pedophiles

who actually go looking at blogs for easy targets. There have been

numerous cases where some perv' found his victim through their BLOG

because of an address or other identifying information.

Here's some rules and notes to keep in mind when using your


Never post your phone number or home address. Avoid posting your

School's name or adderss/location, especially if its a small town.

Photos of you which "give away" your location, like standing on

your porch with the addess and street sign visible.

Be careful about how descriptive you are with the place you

live. I can say, "I live in Washington and really enjoy the

beautiful countryside" and that's fine. But if I were to say, "I

live in Washington and really like to hang out at the Red Apple

store behind my high school on my way home to my pink and yellow

striped house with no doorlocks..." all a clever stalker would have

to do is Google for all red apple stores in Washington then

mapquest them to see which has a high school near it. And easy

drive to that location, looking for pink and yellow striped houses

and I am good as dead or worse!

have fun be careful. there's weirdos and hateful people out

there amongst the good people.

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