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well, that is plauseable, because teen mothers that get pregnant do not have very strong morals, therefore she does not teach her child the same morals, making him more likely to get jailed.

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Your daughter is in jail and she just had a baby while in jail can social services put the baby up for adoption without the mothers permission?

They would likely first try to place the baby with a member of the mother's family, or a foster home.

Did new boys go to jail?

No they did not.

How many scottsboro boys were released from jail?

All of the Scottsboro boys were released form jail eventually, none of them died from execution.

Who is smarter monkeys or boys?

monkeys are smarter than boys. boys were born without a brain monkeys have AND use there brains last night i watched deal or no deal and the monkey made a better deal than the man!!!!! and boys are alwys in jail like monkeys but the monkeys still live better!!!

What if you are on in jail for probation violation in Texas?

If you are in jail for a VOP, you will likely serve the remainder of your sentence behind bars.

Can a minor go to jail for stealing a 30 headset?

Something will probably happen but maybe jail is not that likely.

Where is kool rock ski jail?

Kool Rock Ski Jail does not exist. Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley was a member of the hip-hop trio, The Fat Boys. The Fat Boys released a song in the mid-80's titled "Jail House Rap".

Will courts put mothers in jail who have children at home but owe child support?

They don;t put them in jail if they don't. Only 7 out of 1000 pay it. see link

Was 2pac born in jail?

no, but his mother was pregnant with him while she was in jail, she was released before he was born though

Can you go to jail for not having a operators license for 50cc moped?

It is not likely that you will go to jail unless you are under the influence or have hurt someone. You are likely to be issued a citation and have to make a court appearance.

Do you go to Jail for lying to immigration officer?

If you are dealing with immigration, then more than likely you are not a US born. Having said that, jail would be the smaller of two possible punishments. The other could be a free ticket back home.

What US Supreme Court Justice was born in jail?

He wasn't born in jail, but Chief Justice Fred Vinson was born in a building in front of the Lawrence County jail in Louisa, Kentucky. His father was the jailer there.

What are the release dates for The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - 1952 The Boys Land in Jail 6-4?

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - 1952 The Boys Land in Jail 6-4 was released on: USA: 23 October 1957

Is Nelson an abo?

Yesss!! He was born from a kangaroo and he has been everywhere jail hospital jail

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