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Yes. There was some panic about them in the 80's, and scare-mongers will still mention various fears here and there. But most of it has been baseless. Some of it might have even been motivated by a certain bias.

Any surgery is going to have some risks, of course. But implants used in the US are approved by the FDA and the FDA is cautious (arguably, they're overly cautious).

Talk to your doctor and he'll tell you what the real risks are for you as an individual.

I have had my implants for 5 years now, and have not had any trouble at all.

I definitely would not advise anyone on getting breast implants. Too many risks and way too much money!

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Q: Are breast implants safe?
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What kind of different breast implants are there to be found?

Different kinds of breast implants include silicone, saline, smooth type breast implants, textured breast implants, round breast implants, and anatomical breast implants.

Is it safe to breast feed with implants when you've had breast cancer in the past?

Yes, assuming you have saline implants (not silicone). You can talk with your doctor if you have any specific concerns.

Should you get breast implants?

I wouldn't. I think the silcone used in the implants is not safe. There are women who have gotten them and had too many problems.

Did Anna kooiman have breast implants?

Anna Kooiman has not publicly declared that she had breast implants although it is rumoured that she had breast implants.

Did Naya Rivera actually get breast implants?

No, she didn't really get breast implants

What Angelina jolie had breast implants?

She never ever did have breast implants done on her.

Can you reduce the size of breast implants?

It's not uncommon for women with breast implants to change their implants to a smaller size.

How do you anlarger my breast?

Breast implants.

Does mariah Carey have breast implants?

No, Mariah Carey didn't have breast implants.

Are there breast implants that can be filled after surgery?

No, breast implants have to be filled in during surgery only.

Does Rhonda Vincent have breast implants?

It is unknown as to whether Rhonda Vincent has breast implants.

Do breast implants harden when pregnant?

No, the breast implants themselves do not harden. The actual breasts still do. But that's of course harder to feel when they're behind breast implants.

On average how much do breast implants cost?

Breast implants cost may vary by city and surgeon. On average, according to the American Society for Asthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation fees were approximately $3,694 for silicone breast implants and $3,308 for saline breast implants in 2011.

Can you breast feed if you have implants?

Yes, there is normsally no problems with breats feeding after a breast augmentation with implants

What does breast implants behind the muscle mean?

Breast implants can be inserted under or over the muscle.

Can you be 13 and get breast implants?

Yes, you can be any age to get breast implants if you want larger breasts.

What kind of breast implants are available?

There are several different kinds of breast implants that are available to be done for consumers. Some the the different types of breast implants available are: silicone and saline.

Can chickens get breast cancer?

No but they can get breast implants

Can you get get breast implants for free if you have breast cancer?

Breast reconstruction is usually available on the National Health Service following breast cancer. Breast implants can be used to reconstruct the breast if required.

Can you have a mammogram if you have breast implants?

Yes, but breast implants can obscure mammogram images, decreasing the ability of mammograms to reveal breast cancer. Still, studies show that mammograms are an effective way to screen for breast cancer in women with breast implants.

What are the Symptoms of leaking silicone breast implants?

symptoms of leaking silicone implants is an appearance of a collapse breast or breast reducing in size or unequal breast size.

Is it possible to have breast implants after breast reduction?

yes it is possible to have breast implants after just having breast reduction but there are many cautions to doing that. The technique of the breast reduction will guide your plastic surgeon regarding the safest access to place the implants through.

Where did Katie Price get her breast implants?

She has undergone several breast augmentations and therefore has had several different implants.

If you have breast implants and you wanted to loose wheight will they shrink?

if you have breast implants and you wanted to loose weight will they shrink?

Will having a baby make your breast implants sag?

Will your breast implants sag after having a baby