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Not all cameras are made of metal. Some types of cameras, like the SONY DSC - T7 are made of a metal outer core, but the inside still consists of many plastics, glass and flex cable materials.

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Q: Are cameras made of metal?
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Does cameras use copper?

Cameras are not made of copper they are made of a special metal.

What are digital cameras made from?

Metal and plastic :)

What materials are cameras made from?

This question is unclear. Cameras can be made from almost anything; metal, plastic, wood, leather, etc.

Was the camera made from wood or metal?

In the early days of photography, most cameras were made of wood, a few from metal. Nowadays cameras are made from many materials, depending on quality - chiefly metal or plastic. The lenses are usually glass.

What materials were used to make the camera?

you could make cameras out of anything like metal, plastic, wood, etc. but usually the first camera was made out of wood but todays cameras are made out of metal.

Where are Kodak cameras made?

Kodak cameras are actually made in Afghanistan

What materials are used to make security cameras?

Metal and plastic are used to make cameras along with glass/perspex reflectors.

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bpace cameras are made of foam, so that leaving the atmousfear dosent react to them.

How can the cameras on Jason The Submarine not break under all the water pressure?

this Submarine can not break of water pressure because it is made of the hardest metal in the world!

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Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor . it is the the sensor on DSLR cameras. In lay man terms its the film in the digital camera.

Which were the first Canon cameras ever produced?

The first Canon cameras ever produced were called "The Kawanon." These cameras were produced made and designed between 1933 and 1936. Since then, Canon has made many more cameras and has become very successful.

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