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No, they are two separate species: Cape Buffalo are from Africa and possess the scientific name Syncerus caffer and Water Buffalo are from Asia, with the scientific name Bubalus bubalis. Cape Buffalo are also larger and more muscular than water buffalo, and look quite different from Water Buffalo. For instance: A cape buffalo's horns come together at the poll and curve out and up on either side of their heads. A water buffalo's horns grow more to the back of the animal. The Cape Buffalo can also bellow like domestic cattle, along with a series of other vocalizations. Water buffalo only make grunting sounds.

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Q: Are cape buffalo and water buffalo the same?
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Is the buffalo an indigenous animal to South Africa?

The Cape Water Buffalo is, this is not the same as the Aisan Water Buffalo or American Bison (aslo sometimes called a Buffalo)

Who would win a water buffalo or cape buffalo?

Water Buffalo

Are the Buffalo Endangered?

Which "buffalo" are you referring to? The American Bison, Water Buffalo or Cape Buffalo??

Do buffalos moo?

The Cape buffalo does moo. The Water buffalo does not.

Is cape water buffalo urine flammable?


Do Buffalo live in the rainforest?

Asian Water buffalo do, yes, but not the cape buffalo, nor the American "buffalo" being the bison.

Types of buffalo?

There are three species of buffalo, the water buffalo, cape buffalo, and American buffalo. Water buffalo are the largest, weighing between 1,500 and 2,650-pounds. The cape buffalo can be found all over sub-Saharan Africa. The American buffalo, also called bison, live on prairies, plains or in river valleys.

Is a water buffalo different from a buffalo?

A water buffalo is one of the two types of buffalo, the other being the African Buffalo (Cape Buffalo). The American Bison, despite being called "Buffalo", are not actually buffalo at all.

Are there Buffalo in australia?

Yes, like Cape Buffalo in Africa.

Do buffalo moo like a cow?

That would depend which buffalo you mean: The American Bison (not really a buffalo), Water Buffalo or Cape Buffalo. Neither Bison nor Water Buffalo moo like a cow. Bison make a grunting-hissing sound to bellow and Water Buffalo make a bunch of huff-puff sounds coupled with a sound similar to a pig oinking. The Cape Buffalo on the other hand makes a mooing sound.

What is the scientific term for buffalo?

The American buffalo, or bison, is Bison bison.The African cape buffalo is Syncerus caffer.The water buffalo and dwarf buffalo are species of the genus Bubalus.

Where are Buffaloes?

Cape Buffalo are found in Africa. Water Buffalo are found in Asia. The "buffalo" found in the Western US are actually bison, not true buffaloes.