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Are cats marsupials?

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No: cats are placental mammals. Marsupials are those mammals that rear their young in pouches, for example a kangaroo.

Specifically, marsupials are characterised by bearing very undeveloped young. Not all marsupials raise their young in a pouch. the numbat of Western Australia, for example, does not have a pouch, but the undeveloped young latch onto a teat on the mother's underside, and cling to her belly with sharp claws for several months.

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Do cats have pouches?

No. Marsupials have pouches. Marsupials include kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and so on.

Do meer cats have pouches?

They do not have pouches as they are not marsupials.

Are cats related to Tasmanian devils?

No. Cats are not related to tasmanian devils. Cats are placental mammals and Tasmanian devils are marsupials. There are no true native cats in Australia.

Is a cat and a kangaroo a mammal?

Yes. Cats and kangaroos are both mammals. Cats are placental mammals, and kangaroos are marsupials.

Do dingos eat wild cats?

Impossible! There are no wild cats in Australia although they do have some cat-like marsupials,

What two continents do not have wild cats?

Neither Antarctica nor Australia have any wild cats. However, Australia does have some cat-like marsupials.

Are bats born marsupial?

No, bats are not marsupials, they are placentals, just like humans, whales, cats and cows.

Are sugar gliders a type of cat?

No. Sugar gliders are marsupials. They are not remotely related to cats, which are placental mammals.

How many wild cats are alive today?

there are lots of wild cats alive, such as , cats, stray cats, lions, tigers, cheetah,etc.

What family do Tasmanian devils belong to such as cats and dogs?

Tasmanian devils belong to the family Dasyuridae. The Dasyurids are carnivorous marsupials.

Where are cats found?

Wild cats are found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. However, Australia does have some cat-like marsupials.

On what continents do cats live?

They live in every continent except for Antartica.

Why are marsupials going extinct in Australia?

Marsupials as a class of animals are not going extinct in Australia. However, many individual species of marsupials are going extinct. The reasons for this are:the introduction of species such as foxes, dogs and feral cats which prey on many marsupialsthe introduction of species such asrabbits which take over the habitat and food sources of many marsupialshabitat loss, due to clearing of trees and grasslands for urbanisation and agriculturehumans hunting them in the past has led to loss of many species, but all Australian native marsupials are now protected by law

Do animals get Ross River disease?

Yes, animals like kangaroos, marsupials, birds, horses and cats get Ross River fever

Are koalas marsupials or are they mammals?

Koalas are both marsupials and mammals. All marsupials are mammals, although not all mammals are marsupials.

What is different of a mega marsupial and a marsupials?

mega marsupials are dead and marsupials arent

What is the problem with marsupials?

There is no problem with marsupials.

Do marsupials have hair?

Marsupials have fur.

When do marsupials migrate?

Marsupials do not migrate.

Do Marsupials have fur?

Yes, Marsupials have fur.

Facts about marsupials?

Marsupial comes from the word marsupium, meaning pouch, which all marsupials have. Australia has about 120 species of marsupials. Most marsupials are night creatures.

Are quolls marsupials?

Yes: quolls are marsupials. They are dasyurids, or carnivorous marsupials, feeding on birds and smaller mammals.

Are raccoons marsupials?

no they are not marsupials, and they are not related to pandas which are bears

Do kangaroos have placentas?

Marsupials have no placenta; kangaroos are marsupials.

Are horses marsupials?

No, horses are equine mammals. They are not marsupials

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