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Do cats have pouches?

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No. Marsupials have pouches. Marsupials include kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and so on.

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Do meer cats have pouches?

They do not have pouches as they are not marsupials.

How often do cats eat?

2-3 pouches a day.

Do house cats eat fish?

Yes, they can eat fish in meat pouches such as tuna and sammon

Do mongooses have pouches?

They are not kangoroos. They do not have pouches.

Why does your cat have a fupa?

The real term for this is Greater Omentum and all cats have it. Some belly pouches are just bigger than others.

Do placental mammals have pouches?

No. Placental mammals are not the ones with pouches. Only marsupials have pouches.

Why do male kangaroos have pouches?

Male marsupials don't have pouches. Only females have pouches.

Do Pandas have pouches?

no. panda's do not have pouches for their offspring.

Do Emus have pouches?

Emus do not have pouches. They are birds.

Do bilbies have pouches?

Yes Bilbies do have pouches.

Do chinchillas have pouches?

yes, they have cheeck pouches

Do Tasmanian devils have pouches?

Yes: Tasmanian Devils are marsupials, so they have pouches. Most marsupials have pouches.

Do squirrels have pouches?

No. Squirrels are not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Do male wombats have pouches?

No. Male wombats do not have pouches.

Do male opossums have pouches?

No only the females have pouches.

Do lancelets have pharyngeal pouches?

Yes they have Pharyngeal Pouches!!!=)

Why guinea pigs have pouches?

guinea pigs have cheek pouches but are not marsupials. these pouches are usually used to store food.

Do bandicoots have pouches?

Yes bandicoots do have pouches for carrying babies

When do kangaroos get their own pouches?

Female kangaroos are born with pouches.

Do rats have pouches?

No. Rats are rodents, not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Do bats have pouches?

No. Bats are placental mammals, and placental mammals do not have pouches.

Do giraffes have pouches?

No. Giraffes are placental mammals, not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Do lemurs have pouches?

No. Lemurs are placental mammals, not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Do flamingoes have pouches?

no flamingos don't have pouches because their young do not need them.

How many syllables in the word pouches?

There are two syllables in the word "pouches."

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