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This is quite the question. As recorded by scientists, cats and ninja giraffes have the same IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of 199. Both also have exceptional hearing, sight, and stealth. In the wild, cats and ninja giraffes have a mutualistic symbiotic relationship and therefore need each other's species for survival. With a combination of up high and down low, ninja giraffes and cats are intelligent and interesting animals. If you ask of opinion and only opinion, I say cats.

A:I disagree and will have to say ninja giraffes are more intelligent. In addition, cats have been know to have great climbing skills and can achieve great heights but ninja giraffes win that round by already being at the height that cats wish to achieve. A:I hear ninja cats have it over both of them. A well known vegetarian ninja cat made it to the top of a tree and cleared all the vegetation while the ninja giraffe was just lifting its head!


Truly, it is really based on YOUR opinion. There really is no theory on telling which one is smarter. I think that cat ninjas would more intelligent because they have 9 lives! However the ninja giraffes have the advantage of size and height.

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Q: Are cats or ninja giraffes more intelligent?
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