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"Depending on your preferences, the plasma might be a better buy for your needs. Plasma screens are known to have better viewing angles and obviously better price. The plasma screen has more of a ""cinema"" type look to it."

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Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

Is a plasma HD TV better to use than a regular plasma TV?

This depends on if you want to watch HD tv. OfCourse an HD plasma tv will be better than a regular plasma if your looking toward watching television in HD.

What is the difference between a plasma and LCD tv?

A plasma TV is better than a LCD TV. haha! :-)

Is an lcd tv better than a plasma tv?

LCD TV's last longer than plasma TV's.

Does Best Buy sell cheap plasma TVs?

"Yes, Best Buy sells cheap plasma tvs. When we compare the price of a plasma tv to any other prices for plasma tvs at other stores Best Buy plasma tvs are very cheap in relation."

What makes a 55 inch LCD TV better than a plasma?

LCD TV screens weigh less and use less energy than plasma TV screens, but plasma has better picture and colors. LCD screens are thinner than plasma screens as well.

Is the Samsung LCD TV better than the Samsung plasma TV?

If you are wondering whether a Samsung LCD TV is better than the Samsung plasma TV and want to know if a Samsung is a good TV for HDTV, then the answer is yes.

What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?

The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

Should I get a plasma screen or and LCD TV?

I would get the plasma screen TV. They have a much better picture and they are much better to watch movies on than a LCD TV. They also cost less than the LCD TVs.

How do you use the word plasma in a science sentence?

Plasma TV is usually better and more efficient than other types of TV.

What would some of the benefits of a plasma TV be?

A Plasma TV has some crucial benefits over an LCD TV. For starters, a Plasma TV shows a better contrast than an LCD, and also has a better viewing angle(move towards the side of your TV, and note the color change). Plasma TVs also keep up with more action-style movies and games better than LCD TVs, which have been known to lag a bit.

Is a mount for my plasma television better than a stand?

Yes, a mount for a plasma television is better than a stand. A stand can be knocked over and such, whereas a mounted is placed on a wall and is convenient and easy to handle.

What are some of the best cheap plasma TV's according to CNET?

According to CNET, the best cheap plasma TV to purchase is the Panasonic TC-PS60 Series. Another cheap plasma TV that is recommended is the Samsung PNE450 Series.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

Does the Panasonic plasma television have a sharper picture than their LCD television?

Plasma televisions have much better pictures in normal and low light. LCD televisions are better for large group watching, such as in airports or doctor offices.

is a 1080p plasma tv better than an LED tv?

The viewing difference between a 1080p plasma TV and an LED TV would be a sharper, brighter HD on the LED TV. On the other hand, will the plasma last longer than the LED, no the plasma will eventually get burn in from static images, where there is no such draw back with LED TV.

I'm looking to buy a new flat screen TV, but not sure if an LCD TV is the way to go or Plasma?

Both have their own advantages. LCD has a better resolution than plasma of the same size, but plasma is better priced and has better viewing angles. LCD is lighter if your putting on a wall, but the bigger the TV the better reason for getting Plasma for viewing purposes. LCD are better smaller TVs.

Is the resolution on an hd tv better than a plasma?

The resolution on an HDTV is better than that of a plasma TV, but that is not the only thing to take into account when considering such a large purchase. Here is a website to help with the comparison: http://www.bigscreentvdeals.com.

Does video games damage your plasma tv?

Absolutely not. In fact, some people say that plasma TVs are better suited than an LCD for a TV that will primarily play videogames.

Are Sony lcd TVs better than HD TVs?

Generally an LCD TV is also an HD TV. Perhaps you're asking if a Sony LCD TV is better than a plasma tv? If you're going for a TV over 50", plasma is a better deal, with its excellent picture quality. If you're looking for something under 42", LCD is great deal.

What are the major differences between Sony's LCD and plasma TVs?

There are major differences between Sony's LCD and plasma TVs. A LCD TV presents in 4:3 ration, while a plasma presents in widescreen. Plasma TVs smallest size is 37 inches, while LCD are available in much smaller sizes. LCD TVs actually look better than a plasma screen when viewed center on, but plasma TVs can be view from multipe angle without picture distortion. LCD TVs, however, a better in rooms with a lot of light than plasma TVs. The decision will depend on your needs, preferences and budget.

Is zenith a good TV?

Yes, i myself have a 42" plasma and its honestly the same, if not better than a Sony TV.

Are plasma TVs better than LCD TVs?

Although both TV's are attractive looking, with sleek designs, there are many differences between them. The benefits of a plasma TV is that they have better colour accuracy and a wider side to side viewing panel.

Is Plasma TV more expensive than LED TV?

Yes Plasma TV are more expensive then LED as you will get more features with Plasma TV

Which is better a Plasma or an LCD HDTV and how they differ bright of sun?

Plasma is better than LCD TV because of its excellent picture graphics,contrast ratios, reliability etc.

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