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NO. It is not legally required for children to pay off any bill from there deceased parents as long as the bills were in their parents name, 100%.

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Q: Are children responsible for their deceased parents' debts?
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Do the children have to pay the debts of their deceased parents?

If you were not a joint debtor you are not responsible for repayment of deceased parent(s) debts.

Are children resonsible for their deceased parents' debts in Virginia?

The estate will be responsible, not the children. They will not be able to inherit until they are resolved.

Are children responsible for deceased parents dental bills in Oregon?

The estate is responsible for all the debts of the deceased including dental bills. The children are not required to pay them from their own pocket.

Are children responsible for the debts of their deceased mother in Illinois?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debt.

Are parents responsible for deceased children debts?

It is not the parents but the estate that is responsible for any remaining debts. That will include medical bills. If there is not enough in the estate to cover them, someone will not get paid and the heirs may get nothing.

Are adult children responsible for paying deceased parents California state medical bills?

The estate is responsible for paying all debts.

Are surviving children responsible for deceased parents debts in the state of Virginia?

The estate is responsible for the debts. If the estate has no assets, the creditors will not get paid. If there are not enough assets to pay the debts, the beneficiaries will not receive anything.

Are children responsible for medical bills of a deceased parent when there is an estate or will?

Children are not responsible for the debts of their parents. The estate must settle the debts. The exception would be if a child signed any paperwork gaurenteeing the medical costs.

Are children responsible for deceased parents credt card debts?

Children are not responsible for their parents debts unless the co-signed for them. One of the primary reasons someone should open an estate is to resolve debts. The estate has to pay off the debts. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute as best they can. If the court approves the distribution, the debts are ended.

Are the parents of a deceased adult child with no estate responsible for paying unpaid debt?

No, if they were not joint debtor's with the deceased they are not responsible for any of his or her debts.

Do you owe your deceased parents bills?

Generally the decedent's estate is responsible for the debts.

Are surviving children in Pennsylvania responsible for paying the mortgage debt of deceased parents?

The children are not directly responsible in Pennsylvania. The estate is responsible to settle all the debts. Until these have been paid, the children are not entitled to receive anything.

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