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the deceased' inheiritance

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Q: Who is responsible for credit card debt when a person dies in West Virginia?
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You are on probation can you get emancipated in West Virginia?

If a person in the state of West Virginia is a ward of the court they cannot be granted emancipation. Probation does not affect emancipation in West Virginia.

Can a spouse's wages be garnished for the other's debt in Virginia or West Virginia?

No, neither state is a community property state. Therefore, only the person who is the actual account holder is responsible for the debt incurred.

Who is the richest person in West Virginia?

mike puskar

Is West Virginia relatively south of Virginia?

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast.

Can a 17 move out of parents house in West Virginia?

Seventeen is not the same age as eighteen. Until you are an adult, West Virginia law says the parents are responsible for the minor and where they live.

Is the spouse responsible for a deceased spouse's debt in West Virginia?

Yes, in West Virginia they will pay for the debt. Either through a reduced inheritance or because of perceived benefit from the debt.

What are the powers of West Virginia governor?

That person holds no powers.....

Which agency is responsible for regulating the state boating laws in West Virginia?

Division of Natural Resources.

Which state is father west-Virginia or West Virginia?

West Virginia

In what direction is West Virginia from Virginia?

West Virginia is North-West of Virgina. They are adjoining states; West Virginia was once part of Virginia.

What is a person from West Virginia called?

Anything from Samantha, Brad, ect....

What boarded Virginia to the west?

Virginia is bordered by Kentucky and West Virginia to the west.

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