Are chimpanzees and gorillas homo sapiens?

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No. Humans, Chimpanzees and gorillas are all primates....but homo sapiens were the first modern human species.
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What are Homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens are human beings. They are a species of primate thathas 2 subspecies, Homo sapiens neanderthal (extinct) and Homosapiens sapiens (us!). The Neanderthals lived over 10,000 yearsago. Homo sapiens is the scientific name for the species ofprimate known as "humans." the scientific name for ( Full Answer )

When did Homo sapiens sapiens live?

ANSWER . Modern man is Homo sapiens , sometimes referred to as Homo sapiens sapiens , to distinguish us from archaic Homo sapiens or possible subspecies of Homo sapiens , including Neanderthal man. Some African fossils that may be archaic Homo sapiens , are sometimes referred to as Homo sapi ( Full Answer )

Where did homo sapiens sapiens live?

Homo sapiens sapiens lived on the earth and are believed to have originated from Africa and then spread to Asia, Europe, and Australia. Eventually, they migrated to north and south America.

Homo sapien sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens?

It depends on whether you think Neandertals and modern humans were members of the same species, in which case it would be: Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (i.e., they were simply different SUB species) OR whether you think they were two separate species: Homo sapiens and ( Full Answer )

What do homo sapiens sapiens eat?

We humans eat pretty well anything that will hold still long enough.. food...Homo sapiens sapiens are modern humans, so they eat anything you have ever heard of anyone eating. And some things you've never imagined anyone eating...

Ano ang homo sapiens sapiens?

homo sapiens = "Taong nag-iisip". Homo sapiens ay ang pang-agham na pangalan para sa mga modernongtao.

What is the difference between Homo sapien and Homo sapien sapien?

Homo Sapien sapien is said to be the currently top version of humans and it is the modern man we see today. It is said that H. Sapiens have become extinct around 50000 years ago to be replaced by the people we see today. Literally, we are the "wise, wise humans".

Did homo-sapiens have a language?

They did and do: Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish,.... Homo sapiens is our species. We are Homo sapiens.

What genus is the organism Homo Sapien in?

Scientists use a binomial convention in naming all organisms including humans. Binomial just means two names, the same as people have a first name (John) and last name (Doe). In binomial convention the first name is the genus ( Homo ) and the second name is the species ( sapien ). Only the genus nam ( Full Answer )

How did homo sapiens differ from homo erectus?

Homo erectus are different from Homo sapiens in many ways. First, Homo erectus has a thick skull and a forward sloped forehead .In comparison, Homo sapiens have thinner skulls and their heads don't slope forwards. Homo sapiens have advanced verbal and written language however, Homo erectus does comm ( Full Answer )

What weapons did homo sapiens sapiens use?

homo sapiens is the scientific term (genus and species) for human beings. Human beings have used everything for weapons from pointy sticks and rocks to nuclear weapons. Could you be a bit more specific? If you are referring to cavemen, then spears, bow & arrows, and axes.

What did homo sapiens sapiens look like?

Well we are homo sapiens, and due to that fact we hav a big verity of looks. it depends on what sex and country / regen of the world you come from

Why is Homo in Homo sapiens capitalized?

This is the convention in the system of binomial nomenclature (two-part names) developed by Linnaeus in the 18th century. In the Linnaean system, the first word of a binomial names the genus (a group of similar and closely related species) and is capitalized, and the second word names the species wi ( Full Answer )

What are facts about homo sapiens sapiens?

homo sapiens are pretty much modern humans so they... . thought up farming . made the first civilizations . they are the most advanced Homind species . they are capable of building advanced shelters . they made tools out of animal bone and stone to help them hunt for food . they were superior ( Full Answer )

Who are homo homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens is the scientific name for modern human beings. At some point between 400,000 years ago and the second interglacialperiod in the Middle Pleistocene (around 250,000 years ago) thetrend in cranial expansion and the elaboration of stone tooltechnologies developed, providing evidence for a ( Full Answer )

What is the homo sapien sapiens religions?

Homo Sapiens Sapiens refers to modern human beings, being us. Whatever religions you know of today are our religions, as well as some that have been forgotten, or are still practiced more secretly. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, Taoism, Hinduism, Shinto, Mithraism, and the list goes ( Full Answer )

How does homo sapiens differ from homo erectus?

Homo sapiens are just barely taller, 1.5 to 1.8 meters on average, while Homo erectus is 1.778 meters. The forehead rises sharply on the Homo sapiens, and eyebrow ridges are very small or more usually absent, and the chin is prominent, unlike the Homo erectus.

How old is homo sapiens sapiens?

Homo sapiens sapiens is the most modern form of homo sapiens sapiens and is dated 180.000 years ago. Many studies say that he lived at 100.000 years ago. It is debatable through scientists.

What do homo sapiens have to do with binomial nomenclature?

Binomial nomenclature is the way we formally identify animals. You may recall that all livig things are broken up by Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus and Species. Binomial nomenclature directly referrs to the genus and species of the animal. A Bengal tiger is Panthera Tigris and a human being ( Full Answer )

What was before homo sapiens?

Quite a lot, really. H. sapiens has only been around for less than 100,000 years, but the world has been here for billions of years.

How did Homo sapiens first hunt?

Mostly as a scavenger (eating the dead meat for other animal kills). Homo sapiens could throw rocks at small prey, they could cooperate and stampede herds off of cliffs.

What did homo sapiens sapiens mean?

Translated literally from the latin it meant "man wise wise" or wise wise man and it means man who knows - and knows that he knows - ie he has a sense of his own being. It is what truly distinguishes us from other sentient beings.

Why are chimpanzee the closent relative of homo sapiens?

Humans, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are members of the Hominidae family. Around 6 million years ago, the evolution of Chimpanzees ceased but human evolution continued to become Homo Sapiens . Pan troglodytes (Common Chimpanzee) and Pan paniscus (Bonobo) are the two extant chim ( Full Answer )

What did the homo sapiens sapiens do?

spread throughout the world into every environment no matter how friendly or unfriendly it was. no other animal can do that.

When did homo sapiens die out as a species?

Fortunately, homo sapiens have not died out. That is because we ourselves are homo sapiens ("homo sapien" refers to the genus and species of humans-genus and species are simply terms used in "Taxonomy", that is, the classification of living things.)

What did the homo sapiens accomplish?

Homo Sapiens discovered plenty. I'll try to help c: 1.) They discovered agriculture (farming). Because of Agriculture they were no longer nomads (People who moved around a lot and didn't stay in one place.) Now that they were no longer nomads they had more time to develop things such as complex la ( Full Answer )

What tools did the homo sapien sapiens used?

at the last period he invented iron which was based into 5000 years ago .To the question you know that this is the stage that we are in according to my archeological theory the tools were the combination of the the most sophisticated stages which i early mentioned this: are fire, iron and wood this ( Full Answer )

What did homo sapiens sapiens paint and carve?

They earliest painted in caves in France...horses/weird big bison animal thingys on the walls. The sculptures ranged from large clay bisons to human and animal forms carved into bone. Some of the "sketches" were of tribe members so we can even tell what the people looked like. The link has numerous ( Full Answer )

Did homo sapien sapiens have a language?

I believe that you're talking about the early humans... because we're Homo sapiens. I don't think they did, but they may have had some sort of body language or starting to make formations of the mouth then. I don't think actual language was created until after fire was discovered because of the mout ( Full Answer )

Are homo sapien sapiens the same as homo sapiens?

No, because Homo Sapiens were very strong and muscular, but in a way yes they are like us. They look like us, talk like us, and are highly skilled and intelligent like us.

Is a starfish a homo sapien?

No. Homo sapiens is the taxonomical name for human beings. Starfish belong to the Asteroidea class.

Is influenza restricted to Homo sapiens?

No, there are types of influenza viruses that many different groups of mammals can get infected by, as well as birds (such as the avian/bird flu).

What are the origins of 'homo sapiens'?

The 'homo sapiens' are often thought to be descendants of the Homo, which is a genus of great apes. Homo is estimated to be around 2.3 million years old.

Who discovered homo sapiens?

The discovery of Homo sapiens was less a discovery and more a realization and a process of naming our species. Discovery wasn't necessary: We were self-evident. We were here.

When did homo sapien sapien s live?

That's you, me and seven billion others. Early Homo sapiens (modernman) emerged about 30,000 years ago although there is some evidencein South Africa that pushes this back to about 100,000 years.