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Q: Are chocolate brownies and french vanilla ice cream the same thing?
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what is your fav flavor of ice cream?

My flavor ice cream is french vanilla

The local ice cream shop sells forty-eight different flavors including butter brickle chocolate blueberry and French vanilla.?

chocolate blueberry and french vanilla

The local ice cream shop sells forty-eight different flavors including butter brickle chocolate blueberry and French vanilla?

chocolate blueberry and french vanilla

Which one's a chocolate chip ice cream or a vanilla ice cream?

chocolate chip ice cream is white with brown chocolate bits or chocolate brown with chocolate bits in it and vanilla ice cream is plain white.

What is more liked chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream is more popular than vanilla

Whats better chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla chocolate is nasty

What is Yumii?


What is the difference between vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream?

ICE CREAM IS CALLED VANILLA WHEN VANILLA OR VANILLA FLAVORING IS ADDED; CHOCOLATE HAS SOME FORM OF CHOCOLATE ADDED FOR FLAVORING. Vanilla is a different color than chocolate, they have completely different flavors, and they both have different ingredients added for flavoring.

What are the top ten ice cream flavors?

Vanilla chocolate strawberry chocolate chip, Mint, Neopolitan, Fudge, cookies n cream, Bubble gum and coffee MINE ARE... mint chocolate chip, peanut buttercup, cookie cookies n' cream, chocolate, vanillia, neppolitan, bubblegum and french vanilla!

What is the difference between vanilla and french vanilla?

There is only a very subtle difference between vanilla and french vanilla. In ice cream, french vanilla uses a custard base whereas vanilla is a regular cream based ice cream.

Why do people prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream?

i hate vanilla. but i also like it. Chocolate ice cream goes with everything :)

What was Michael Jackson's favorite ice cream?

Vanilla with cookie pieces.From what I heard his favorite Ice cream is chocolate.

What is in a chocolate egg cream?

There is milk, soda water, and chocolate or vanilla syrup in chocolate egg cream.

What ice cream sells the best chocolate or vanilla?


What ice cream flavor is sold most often?

Classics; Vanilla and Chocolate. There are off springs too, like French Vanilla or Brownie Choco Chunk.

What are all the levels of ice cream machine on neopets?

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint, blueberry, vanilla chocolate chip, strawberry vanilla chocolate(Neapolitan), peach, vanilla chocolate swirl, double chocolate chip, tigersquash

What is the difference between french vanilla ice cream and vanilla ice cream?

More eggs in French.

What has more calories chocolate or vanilla ice cream?


Was vanilla ice cream invented before chocolate ice cream?

Yes. It used to be that if you wanted ice cream, it was vanilla or nothing at all. Maybe a few chocolate lovers suggested chocolate ice cream. (Which really was a very good idea.)

What will be faster to make in a bag vanilla Ice cream or chocolate?


What ice cream melts faster strawberry chocolate or vanilla?


Why does vanilla ice cream float and chocolate ice cream sink?

Obviosly Ice cream has milk, but their are certain chemicals in one another. Vanilla ice cream has a chemical named SIO which provides the VANILLA ice cream to float; & Chocolate ice cream has another chemical named TEO which allows the CHOCOLATE ice cream to sink to the bottom of the container.

How much does a 3 gallon tub of ice cream cost?

The cost of ice cream would depend on the variety you have choosen, as play variety (vanilla, chocolate) are cheeper more fancier varieties (french vanilla, chocolate chunk, etc. So the cost would vary to from $18.00 to $69.99.

At your next birthday party chocolate and vanilla ice cream are served there are two toppingschocolate and strawberrynuts are also available how many different kinds of ice cream sundaes can you?

You would have 4 different options. Chocolate and chocolate chocolate and strawberry nuts vanilla and chocolate vanilla and strawberry nuts

Do more people like chocolate ice-cream or do more people like vanilla ice-cream?