Are collective rights a good thing?

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No, collective rights are horrible compared to individual rights.

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Q: Are collective rights a good thing?
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What is the difference between collective rights and collective identity?

Collective identity and collective rights are completely different because collective means the same thing which is a group of people so we know what they are both a group of people but we don't know what rights and identity are. So here I'll break It down for you. Identity means what people look like and rights mean like freedoms and laws.

What are Francophones' collective rights?

Francophone collective rights are rights that French people in Canada are given. Because the majority of Canada is English speaking, French/Francophones need to have rights to get a good education, collective rights give them the right to be able to access a French speaking school where ever they live.

Why do francophone's have collective rights?

they have collective rights cause they are a minority language group in every province except Quebec (where you would find collective rights for anglophones).

What are collective rights?

Collective rights are commonly known as group rights. These are the rights that are held by a group and they do not include the individual rights of members in the group.

Can you give me a sentence using the word Collective Rights?

Their collective rights would be defended at all costs.

What is the collective nouns of victories?

There is no specific collective noun for victories. A collective noun that suits the situation should be used, for example: a string of victories would be a good thing; a smattering of victories, not as good.

Is human rights good or bad thing?

Human rights is a good thing as long as you like being alive; being alive is the very essence of human rights.

Why do some groups have collective rights and not others?

Certain groups have collective rights due to historical and constitutional reasons

Why do anglophones get collective rights?

Well, in Canada, Anglophones get collective rights because it holds a histroical purpose to Canada-the two offical languages- Only Aboriginal Peoples, Francophone and Anglophones get collective rights because they are what created canada.

What is the Definition of collective rights?

Collective Rights: the rights of a minority group that have previous agreements (example, first nation treaties) that have certain rights from those agreements that cannot be taken way. Hope that helped a little. (:

What is the difference between individual rights and collective rights?

collective rights are for certain specific groups of people, like the Indian Act. Individual rights are meant to protect an Individual and his interests. For example: Right to life.

Should governments attempt to balance the promotion of individual and collective rights?

To what extent should governments attempt to balance the promotion of individual and collective rights?

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