Corals and Coral Reefs

Are coral reefs cool?

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Coral reefs are cool in the sense that they are amazing. The water temperature however will differ depending where in the world you are, and what season it is. But most times the water temperature will be about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Does California have coral reefs?

There are no coral reefs in California.

Are dolphins in the coral reefs?

no dolphins are not in coral reefs.

Why are coral reefs called coral reefs?


What is the average annual precipitation for coral reefs?

what is the aunual percipitaiton of coral reefs what is the aunual percipitaiton of coral reefs

What are the slogans for coral reefs?

slogan about caring the coral reefs

Do coral reefs have predators?

The Coral Reefs predator is starfish.

Does algae grow on coral reefs?

Yes, algae does grow on coral reefs it is actually a big contributor to the coral reefs. :)

Are there rocks in coral reefs?

There are some rocks in the coral reefs but mostly living coral organisms. Rocks tend to sit at the bottom of the reefs. But reefs are not made of rocks, but are made of coral. :)

Where does the name coral reef come from?

The reason they are called Coral Reef is because there are lots of coral in those locations, and they are also called coral reefs or reefs of coral reefs of coral too.

How do coral reefs benefit local economy?

Reefs attract fish (whether they are natural coral reefs or artificial reefs).

How many coral reefs are there?

there are about 735 species of coral reefs in the world

Are coral reefs animals?

No, but the reefs are built by coral polyps, which are animals.

Do fish live in coral reefs?

There are many fish in coral reefs

Are coral reefs can be gas for ships?

are coral reefs can be gas of ships?

What is deterioration of coral reefs?

Coral reefs are being killed by pollutants.

What makes coral reefs?

Coral reefs are made by Coral polyps which eats zoo plankton

What does coral reefs need to survive?

the coral reefs need fishes to survive. the fishes help the coral reefs survive and the fishes get a home

Why are coral reefs fragile?

Coral reefs are an ecosystem that are both beautiful and diverse. Coral reefs are fragile because of their sensitivity to temperature change.

How many countries are coral reefs found in?

Most coral reefs are located in Australia. Other countries with coral reefs include Belize and the United States (Hawaii). The Red Sea also has coral reefs.

Why are the coral reefs deteriorating?

Coral reefs are deteriorating mostly because of our pollution

Do dolphins live in coral reefs?

yes dolphins do line in coral reefs

How can coral reefs be damaged?

---- coral reefs are destroyed by dynamite or cyanide fishing.

Why do you need coral reefs?

Coral reefs are a diverse habitat for marine life.

What are the predators in coral reefs?

the crown of thorns fish eat the coral reefs

Do angelfish live in coral reefs?

Yes angelfish do live in the coral reefs.