Are cupcakes the same as cake?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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So far I have found that the difference is that cupcakes are smaller (one portion as opposed to a cake which must be cut into portion sizes, hence piece of cake rather than piece of cupcake), you can't put cream in cupcakes, and a cupcake has a muffin top. Not to mention that cupcakes are iced only on the top whereas cakes are iced on the top and sides. AND the cooking time is different -LuckyNumber07 Says... So you are saying the base of a cupcake and cake are the same. But the frosting on a cupcake is only on the top and on a cake the icing or frosting is on the sides too!! :) Not to mention cupcakes are smaller. Darn!! :) -LuckyNumber07 (\__/)



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yes but smaller version

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Q: Are cupcakes the same as cake?
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If you use a batch of cake batter for cupcakes and cook it for the amount of time to bake cake what will be the result?

The cupcakes will be over cooked. Ovens cook from the outside in and the diameter of a cupcake is much less than a cake so the cupcakes cook faster. This answer is based on years of baking cakes and cupcakes.

Can you use ready made cake mix for cupcakes?

Yes, and cake batter for cupcakes as well.

What is Miranda Cosgrove's favorite cake?

She loves cupcakes, I guess I can consider that as cake.

Some two or three word puns for cupcakes or cake?

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Are wedding cupcakes a substitute for a wedding cake?

Sometimes. It's not unusual to have just the top layer of a wedding cake with the wedding cupcakes. Yes now a days people prefer cupcakes for their wedding ceremony.

How can you make cupcakes?

Cupcakes are made with a plain or fancy cake recipe. What makes them cupcakes is the pan that they're baked in, called a cupcake (or muffin) pan. The only difference between cake and cupcakes is the size and shape of the cake and the difference in baking time (the smaller units bake faster than a full size cake). See the links below for some basic recipes.

What is cake case?

Cake cases are the small paper cases used to bake cupcakes.

Which is healthier cupcakes or a cake?

They're equally unhealthy.

Do you like cupcakes but not cake?

It is a matter of personal preference

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