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Are dirt bikes aloud to be ridden on the rods in Canada

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Q: Are dirt bikes allowed to be ridden on the rods in Canada?
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Why are dirt bikes called dirt bikes?

B/c that's what they're usually ridden on - dirt or soil.

What are the laws concerning dirt bikes in Texas?

There are no laws governing dirt bikes, they are made to be ridden offroad. If you do put a dual sport kit on a dirt bike and get a tag, then all laws pertaining to street bikes apply to you. You might check this link:

Are dirt bikes allowed on city streets in Florida?

no not on the mane street

Is there a difference in dirt bikes and bikes?

yes, dirt bikes are motorized

Which came first dirt bikes or motorcycles?

dirt bikes

What are street motorcycles?

Street motorcycles are motorcycles that are ridden only on roads and highways as opposed to on trails or "dirt." The all-terrain bikes are called dual sport and can go on both trails and streets, and dirt bikes can only go on trails, etc.

Who started racing dirt bikes?

Everybody that races dirt bikes "started" racing dirt bikes at some point.

Are dirt bikes illegal in pa?

no dirt bikes arn't illegal

Do you need a license for dirt bikes?

Do you need a license for dirt bikes

Are mini bikes like dirt bikes?

no there not dirt bike is better

How many years have dirt bikes been invented?

dirt bikes in the past had less gears and power then dirt bikes have today

What kind of dirt bikes are there?

The two main types of dirt bikes are motocross and trail bikes. Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda all make these types of dirt bikes.

Do dirt bikes have vin numbers?

Yes Dirt Bikes Have Vin Numbers.

Who made Kawasaki Dirt bikes?

Shozo Kawasaki made dirt bikes.

Generic dirt bikes for sale?

There are a few dirt bikes that you can buy that are cheap. Some generic dirt bikes you can buy are 200 CC, Yamaha and you can have bikes shipped to you from China.

Why dirt bikes are not allowed in bike lanes?

If the Engine is 50cc or larger it is Illegal to ride in a bike lane

What are facts about about dirt bikes?

dirt bikes are awesome who ever says they suck are lame

Are dirt bikes like bikes?

Yes, but with an engine...

What were the causescircumstances of the first dirt bikes appearance?

The circumstances for the first dirt bikes where to entertain the world

What are the differences of dirt bikes and race cars?

whats better dirt bikes or race cars

Are Honda dirt bikes better that kawasaki dirt bikes?

They both are very good bikes, but if i had to choose i would buy a Kawasaki.

Is dirt ridden in the past tense?


Are 49 cc dirt bikes allowed in CT?

Yes Anything that is under 49 cc is allowed. Anything above it needs a license plate. =]

What are those mtb bikes cross bmx bikes called?

Dirt bikes

What products and services do Dirt Bikes USA provide?

Dirt Bikes USA provides various dirt bikes for sell. They do not offer any additional products or services for sell.