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Dolphins would be hosts to parasites.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-12 18:38:48
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Q: Are dolphins parasites or host?
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What does parasites need to grow?

Parasites always need a host.

Why will parasites die if the host was killed?

if the host dies the nutrients die with it so parasites will die as well, until they find a new host

What is a parasites host?

Host is an organism on or in which parasite live

What are the lives of parasites supported by?

You worded your question pretty confusingly.Parasites live off the host that they are infecting, so technically the parasites are begins supported by the host itself. The role of the parasites are to infect a suitable host and start eating their energy up. That could result in the death of the host, when the population of the parasites grow.partnershostsholderscarriers

What do parasites depend on host animals for?

Parasites attach themselves to host animals mainly for nutrition and shelter. The parasites cannot find their own food and shelter by themselves so they depend on others for this. This habit of parasites may emerge to be harmful for he host body as the parasites draw their nutrition for their own existence.

How do parasites stay attached to host?

Some parasites have oral suckers, ringed with hooks, which is used to attach themselves to the host.

Where do parasites obtain energy?

from their host

What is the difference between obligate parasites and facultative parasites?

an obligate parasite needs a host for its development, a facultative parasite do not necessarly need a host. They do not depend on a host for their development

What happens to the parasites if the host died?

what happen to the parasite if the host died

How are parasites able to recognize their hosts?

Parasites identify a specific host cell that they can partner with.

How do parasites obtain nourishment?

By being parasites and doing what they do best, living off its host

What are the aspects of a parasitic relationship?

Parasites get benefit but host is harmed .Parasites are highly modified .

What harmful organism lives on a host?


What lives parasitically within a host?


How do parasites get their nutrients?

From the food the host eats.

What is a ectoparasites?

Are parasites that live on the surface of the host.

Can parasites have more than one host?


Do most parasites kill their hosts?

No , but usually the parasite depends on the host to live the only time parasites will kill their host is if they switch to another host.Atniw

What do parasites do?

They attach on to another organism and live and feed off it. They benefit but their host (the organism that they live on) doesn't. Actually, parasites result in harm to the host.

Why are virus's like parasites?

viruses are like parasites, organisms that live on or in a host and cause it harm.

How do parasites get their food?

Parasites get their food from the hosts. They actually feed on the host which deprives the host some nutrients unlike in a symbiotic relationship where all parties benefit.

How are viruses similar to parasites?

Viruses are similar to parasites because both require a host to survive and both destroy the cells in which they multiply (cause harm to the host).

Can parasites kill their hosts?

It is rare, but yes sometimes. A few parasites don't directly kill their host, but make them do "careless things" that make it more likely the host will get eaten by the parasite's next host.

What is the relationship called when the bacteria harms its host?

The answer is parasitism, because parasites harm their host.

Why do parasites need host animal?

They dont. onlly varisus need a host cell.