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Q: Are early printing ages can consider as mass communication?
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Which invention of the late Middle Ages helped improve communication?

printing press

Was the printing press invented in the middle ages?

The printing press was developed by Johannes Gutenberg around the year 1440. Many consider the middle ages to have lasted until the year 1500, so yes, the printing press was invented during the late middle ages. If you were meaning to ask if printing was available during the middles, for the great majority of the medieval period it was not available, coming in only at the end and then initially in limited distribution.

Who introduced printing in the middle ages?

Guttenberg Press

In what year did the early meddival ages started?

in what year did the early meddival ages started

Name given to the early middle ages?

Dark Ages

When do they consider the dark ages?

The Medival Times

New machine using a movable type in the middle ages?

Printing Press

What was invented in the Middle Ages from 1400-1500?

Printing press by Guttenburg of Germany.

How did people in the Middle Ages print books before the printing press?

it was handwritten.

Who were the early Americans?

They were people who lived in the early ages of america

What were means of communication in the middle ages?

letters sent on horseback

What is most of the surviving music from the early middle ages called?

Most of the music from the Early Middle Ages is plainsong or chant.

What ages do you consider to be a young adult?


How did the late middle ages differ from the early middle ages?

The time!✝

Was there war in early middle ages?

Plenty of it!

What time period is the early Middle Ages?

The Early Middle Ages was from 500 to 1000 AD. This was a time when Viking raided at will and chaos reined.

At what ages are women the most fertile?

early teens and early twenties.....did it for coursework.....

What did Johannes Gutenberg do to improve the middle ages?

Johannes Gutenberg introduced the invention of printing which helped improve the Middle Ages. He was a goldsmith, printer, and a publisher.

Who invented the printing press in the middle ages?

Guttenberg in Worms Germany. You can still see it there today.

What technology invention were made in the middle ages?

The biggest technological advance of the middle ages - in fact the event that effectively ended the middle ages and ushered in the Renaissance, was the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg.

What was the strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages?

The strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages was the Church.

Where are there articles on the early middle ages?

There is a link below to an article on the Early Middle Ages. Aside from having a lot of information, it has other links and references.

When was Greece's dark ages?

There were two times called Dark Ages associated with Greece. The first was the Greek Dark Ages, which lasted from 1200 to 800 BC. The other was a period in the Early Middle Ages lasting from about 630 to 800 AD. This is a time in the Early Middle Ages, or Dark Ages, that is sometimes referred to as the Byzantine Dark Ages.

Who raced chariots in the Middle Ages?

Chariots were raced in the Byzantine Empire in the Early Middle Ages.

What were the effects of printing in the middle ages?

The invention of printing is thought by many people to have ended the Middle Ages. Printing made relatively cheap books possible, which made it possible for poorer people to read. It also became possible to print all sorts of things that disagreed with the conventional authorities on religion, science, politics and so on.