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Are elfs real?

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Of course elfs are real!Dont they make your toys?

and at night while your dad is out they come out and nibble on your mums boobs

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Is there such thing as santas elves?

In my belief I think elfs are real .

Is santa and hes elfs and his work shop real?

if u believe it is :)

Are elfs on the shelf real?

yes they are they are magical little things around the world

Are shelf elfs real?

Actually shelf elves are real because mine moves from room to room and never leaves

How many elfs are there?

1000snds probs i like elfs

What age is Santa's head elf?

Santa is not real so their is no head elf or elfs at all

What do elfs like to eat?

Elfs like to eat cinnamon and candy canes and also cookies

Are stuffed elfs from Santa real?

If you think they are then yes, maybe they come to life at night or when you aren't around.

Where did elfs come from?

they are real elves at the north pole and SANTA CLAUSE puts them in stores for people to buy them

Are there girl elves?

yes there are in fact there are more girl elfs then boy elfs.

Are Elfs on the Shelfs real?

of course they are! what do you think they're like toys or something!! gosh some people these days!

Why do leprechauns dance?

Because in ireland fairies/ elfs love to dance and leprechauns are fairies/elfs

Is Dobby from Harry Potter real?

Only in the books and movies. Not only does Dobby not exist but house elfs don't exist either.

What are the names of Santas elfs?

Santa dosent have names for his elfs because there two many. santas reindeer have names.

Does santa have any children?

no he does not but he has elfs.

Who is Santa's helper in Ukrainian?


What is on the tip of a elfs shoe?


What do magic elfs eat?

Well first of all, sorry to break it to you, elves are not technically real so therefore do not eat anything. If they were real they would eat rainbows, roadkill, troll guts and cimichongas

How do you get santas magic elfs that are real?

Im sorry, this answer has been removed do to violence with beliefs systems. thanks for understanding. wiki team what not fair I need the awnser

Does learning express have magic elf?

Well magic elfs aren't real but only in The North Pole with Santa but if you are talking about the regular world then no. Did this Awnser your question?

Did santa kill some elfs?

no! why should he?

How old do elfs get?

Elves can live forever.

What do elf's wear for shoes?

Elfs do not exist.

What is harry potters elfs name?


What time does fraboom elfs come on?


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