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Exercise videos are indeed beneficial. As long as you're moving your body, whether it be arms, legs, etc., you're getting a work out. It also has to due with how much time you spend working out to your exercise video. 5 minutes won't do it. Health officials recommend at least 15 to 20 minutes day.

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Q: Are exercise videos beneficial
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What is the most beneficial exercise?

Swimming. Is the most complete beneficial exercise there is.

Where can one find exercise videos including sit up training?

Exercise videos including sit up training can be found online or purchased in store. One can view exercise videos online at Body Building and Spark People. Retailers that sell exercise videos include Walmart and Amazon.

Why do magazines and adverts push the exercise myth?

Possibly because exercise is beneficial to health.

Is it true that exercise is only for young people?

Not at all. Exercise is beneficial at all ages.

How to find videos on using exercise balls online?

You can find videos on using exercise balls online in youtube. Many channels are specialized in fitness and have demonstration videos on such things.

What is free exercise?

Free exercise is exercise that you can do without paying a fee. You can find free exercise videos on the Internet.

Are there any funny exercise videos online?

There are lots of funny exercise videos online. They have people being goofy when exercising and people who are inexperienced trying to exercise. They can be found on YouTube.

Where to find video on using exercise balls?

The following website has many videos on using exercise balls: These videos are instructional and provide great how-to information for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike!

Are there any online videos that are free of charge for exercise training?

There are a lot of online exercise training videos that you can view free of charge. A lot of them are found on You Tube. That site has a large library of uploaded videos.

Is it beneficial to participate in exercise activities everyday?

It is beneficial to participate in some type of exercise each day. Not only will it keep you in shape, but you will feel and sleep better as well as keeping healthy.

Can an exercise trampoline be included in a bodybuilding routine?

Yes an exercise could be included in a bodybuilding routine. However, it may not be beneficial. The only beneficial part is that your heart rate may increase.

Are exercise classes more beneficial than working out alone?

Yes, they can be. With an exercise class, you have a set time to exercise. Along with that, you can make a lot of friends who will encourage you to exercise with them!