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Yes. The "'times they are a-changin'". There are numerous men's organizations that assist father's to gain equal rights concerning the custody, visitation and support of their children regardless of whether it pertains to children born of a marriage or otherwise. Please be advised, unfortunately some such organizatons are classic "ripoffs" and you should always do extensive research before becoming involved especially where any amount of payment is involved.

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Q: Are fathers suing to redress the custody bias in favor of mothers?
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How likely is a father to get custody of the children?

Fathers should have equal rights with mothers to custody of the children.Courts are continuing to make progress toward equality and away from the prejudice in favor of Mothers, however it is an uphill battle.As a Father, it is essential that you know "How to Win." Fathers often approach a Custody Action with a straightforward attitude that as long as I am a great father, I should be entitled to custody.Just being a great parent is not enough, particularly for fathers. Fathers have to know how to present themselves, What to Say, How to Act, and the Insider Strategies that create the success.You can Search under "Fathers Winning Custody" or "Win Custody Now" and find lots of great information and ebooks to help you succeed in your quest for custody. Just be certain that the information provided is by an attorney/custody expert.Apart from all the window dressing suggested above a father should be able to prove to the court that he provided most of the day to day care of the child. That means he was the one who bathed the child and got them ready for bed. He was always the one who took the child to the doctor and dentist visits, stayed home to care for the child when she was sick and attended school conferences and activities. He shopped for clothes, prepared school lunches and spent quality time with the child.

Does the birth mother have automatic custody if she and father are married?

No, although most courts favor custody to the mother.

Fathers Custody Rights?

There are many misconceptions concerning child custody and fathers. Custody of a dependent child is an issue when parents separate or a child is born to a couple who is already separated. In the past, the common trend was for mothers to stay home and care for the children while the father worked. Divorce rates were lower and fathers who faced the issue could be sure they would not receive custody. During the past several decades, women have begun to enter the workplace in larger numbers and many fathers find themselves taking care of children also. Courts have adjusted their rulings to allow for these situations. Although common belief is that fathers do not have a chance of getting custody, even if they are the more suitable parent, they do have a good chance in today’s legal system. If a father is able to prove that the living condition he can offer the children is better, he will often be awarded custody. Children who are old enough to decide who they want to live with will usually be able to choose; more children are choosing to live with their fathers in several cases. Initial custody hearings generally do end with the mother gaining custody in most states. This ruling may be appealed and will require the help of a father’s rights attorney. Fathers should never believe that their case is hopeless; a father who is concerned about the well-being of their child should pursue custody. Even if sole custody is not sought, joint custody may also be granted. Some judges give an unfavorable ruling against a father initially. Appealing for joint custody instead of visitation will usually result in a positive change in the father’s favor. Courts look more favorably upon fathers who have an active interest in their children’s lives and show a desire to be a part of them. The worst possible thing a father wanting custody could do is to simply give up. With the help of a good father’s rights attorney and investment of time and effort, fathers may earn more custody or win sole custody of their children. In the eyes of the law, children who are not dependent upon their mothers, such as a breast-feeding infant, are eligible to fall in the custody of either parent. Legal proceedings and decisions must be fair and unbiased, meaning several court appearances may be necessary to win.

Why should the moms be awarded custody?

They shouldn't not automatically and the present day courts do not necessarily favor the mother over the father. The aforementioned is only applicable when it relates to children of a legally married couple. Mothers of children born out of wedlock are considered to have sole legally and physical custody until a court rules otherwise.

When the parent have joint custody and the child gets taken by social services who gets the child if one parent is found unfit?

Generally, if one parent is found to be unfit the other parent will have sole legal and physical custody. Courts favor the biological parent in regards to custody.Generally, if one parent is found to be unfit the other parent will have sole legal and physical custody. Courts favor the biological parent in regards to custody.Generally, if one parent is found to be unfit the other parent will have sole legal and physical custody. Courts favor the biological parent in regards to custody.Generally, if one parent is found to be unfit the other parent will have sole legal and physical custody. Courts favor the biological parent in regards to custody.

Does a mother favor her first or second son?

That depends entirely on the mother and her sons. Some mothers favor one, some the other, and some neither.

What happens when a non custodial parent don't show up for a custody hearing?

Default in favor of the other parent.

How do you get a court order for a child not to leave the states without the fathers consent?

Have your divorce attorney file a motion with the custody judge. You'll need a good reason, though. Fear of flight, fear for the child's safety, travel to country's that favor one parent's rights over the other (like Saudi Arabia, for example, which would favor the father's rights above all).

What are the fathers' rights in a custody battle?

Fathers should be on equal footing with Mothers in a custody battle. However, many courts still favor the Mother, particularly with young children and infants.I have been practicing family law, specializing in fathers rights for over 30 years. What I can tell you is that you have plenty of rights in a custody battle and should aggressively assert them. If you think just "being a good dad" will get you there, you will be very disappointed with the outcome of your action.I tell fathers to begin the custody battle seeking as much time with their children as they feel is in the children's best interests - depending upon the age of the child and the father's relationship.You can seek anything from sole custody, to primary custody, to joint custody or liberal visitation rights. Whatever situation you feel is best for your children.Every child custody study shows that children become much better adults if they have regular, continuous and healthy contact with their Father. So for your kids sake, take every action possible to assert all of your rights as a Dad from the very beginning of a custody battle.I suggest that Dads read as much as they can about winning custody as early in their action as possible. Mothers, not only often have the prejudice of the court on their side, they also tend to be more prepared and better able to communicate.So learn how to win and get prepared if you really want to maximize your time with your children. There are plenty of books on winning custody on the Internet. Just be certain that the author is an attorney with plenty of litigation experience in child custody. Those books by other dads or counselors are nice, however they have not had the experience of thousands of custody cases and what it takes to win "within the system."Another PerspectiveUp to and through the early twentieth century fathers were typically favored for child custody if the marriage ended. That custom gradually changed since the courts had to acknowledge that the mother was the primary care giver and she should keep raising the children in their tender years. That presumption gave way to the best interest of the child doctrine in the 1970s. It is a fact of family life that mothers usually provide the day to day, primary care of their children even if they work outside the home. It should be remembered that shared parenting is the best possible solution to a divorce. Fighting over custody often has other motivations at its root such as wanting to hurt the other parent, wanting to maintain control and wanting to avoid paying child support. The mother is often the target in custody battles and they set the stage for years of legal wrangling.Courts know that generally speaking, mothers are the ones who provide the day to day care for their children, even if they also work outside the home. It is also true that many fathers take an active role in raising their children. If the father was the primary caregiver then he should be considered primary custody since caregiving should be the main qualification for awarding physical custody along with a healthy environment, stability and safety.You need to be able to show that you were the one who provided day to day care for your child including such tasks as the following:You fed, bathed and put the child to bed.You got the child ready for school, packed their lunch and got them to school or to the bus.You attended all the school conferences, plays, etc.You brought the child to the doctor and dentist visits and stayed home with them when they were sick.You brought them to school events, sports, birthday parties, play dates, extra curricular activities.You took the child shopping for clothes.

Is marijuana a tipper in a divorce case for custody of kids in the situation?

It is likely that use of marijuana would be a factor that would not be in the users favor.

Were the Founding Fathers heroes or villains?

Depends on which side of the war you were on! The British considered them traitors. The Americans in favor considered them heros.

Can marriage help to get child custody?

It may if the marriage provides a substantial favorable circumstantial change, resulting in favor of the child's best interests.

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