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Are fogs considered clouds?

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Yes. Fog is nothing more than low lying clouds. You can get the same effect by driving into the mountains and entering the cloud cover as you increase in elevation.

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Which property is the difference between fogs and clouds?


What is the highest relative humidity?

100% is the highest Relative Humidity possible, and is met within fogs and clouds.

How are clouds and fogs related to precipitation?

Clouds and fog are related to precipitation because both of them are water vapor. Essentially fog is just a low ground cloud.

Why you see fog even in the lowland on early mornings of December?

Because of the clouds when it was December the clouds condensed and to heavy so they form fogs it covers the lowland and the highland.

what fogs size?


What clouds are considered to be sheet clouds?

cirrostratus and stratus clouds

Compared to clouds fogs are?

Clouds occur when water condenses high in the air. Fog occurs when water condenses at ground level. Fog also occurs when the ground is colder than the air moving over it.

Are clouds considered gases?

yes clouds are considered a gas in the science study solid,liquid and gas

Can condensation form on dust particles?

Yes. And this is the cause of fogs. Fogs are just dust particles on which water is present. There are no fogs in America as it does not have dust particles.

How do clouds get full of water?

The clouds lower themselves towards the earth and pick up the water from the oceans, that's when they're usually called fogs. Another way is through evaporation, when water is heated up by the sun so much, then the water droplets lift up towards the sky into the clouds.

Are fogs cool?


Do nimbus clouds produce tornado?

Tornadoes form in cumulonimbus clouds, which can be considered a variety of nimbus.

Why are ground fogs common near lakes and rivers?

ground fogs common near lakes and rivers because it is moist and cool there.

Are clouds made of soft fluffy cotton?

No, they are made of water droplets or ice crystals depending on the type.While clouds look very dense, most are no more opaque than ground fogs, with visibilities of a hundred meters or more. However, this is a small distance considering the speed at which aircraft travel through them. The densest clouds can reduce visibility to a few meters.

Why are cumulonimbus clouds dangerous?

These clouds are considered dangerous because of they are the clouds of thunderstorms, which can produce lightning, heavy rain, strong winds and potentially hail and tornadoes.

What part of the atmosphere are stratocumulus found in?

They are considered low level clouds. Same as Cumulus, funnel, and shelf clouds.

What planet has a lot of clouds?

ANSWER:Venus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have clouds. Only the Earth has waterdroplet clouds, the rest are usuallyfrozen gas clouds. Venus is considered to be the most cloudy and its clouds are mainly sulfuric acid droplets.

What is it called when a mirror fogs up?


Compared to cloud fogs are?

at lower attitudes

Are clouds compounds or mixtures?

Clouds are considered mixtures. They are a mixture made of air and water. Once air saturates, it creates ice and water droplets. These mix and condense into clouds.

Where do tree fogs live?

There are some here in Australia

How do tree fogs protect themselfs?

they are very poisonous

Are clouds in the atmosphere?

Yes, Clouds are normally formed in the Upper Troposphere and lower stratosphere. Some clouds are higher than others. Fog is considered a cloud, except it's at ground level.

When hail falls from clouds what is it called?

Any form if water falling from the clouds wether it be rain, sleet, snow or hail is considered precipitation.

What happens when large amounts of water vapor condense?

condensation is where a gas changes into liquid. so when vapor condenses it form clouds and then it rains, as well as it forms fogs. when this happens, it rains then the whole water cycle process starts again.