Fuel Cells

Are fuel cells dangerous to make or dipose of?


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Fuels cells are essentially not very dangerous. But in order for a fuel cell to work hydrogen must be used. Hydrogen is usually fed to a fuel cell from a resevoir. Hydrogen is very flammable and if the concentration in an area of hydrogen is too great any spark of any kind even friction can make it combust.

Not all fuel cells run on hydrogen. There are natural gas and methanol cells.

Fuel cells are dangerous to your life if you are making one in your basement workshop and don't tell your significant other what you're doing and what it costs first. This is because the membrane in a fuel cell, a DuPont film called Nafion, costs $175 per square foot and it looks like that plastic you make document protectors from. "YOU SPENT $200 ON THIS!?!?!?!?!"


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