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Electric used cars are way more convenient than gas type care since you will just recharge it and no gasoline needed. Prices of gasoline nowadays are very expensive due to the conflict between two countries.

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Q: Are gas used cars lighter than electric used cars?
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Why is Steel used in modern day cars?

It's stronger than lighter metals, less expensive than composite materials, and readily available.

When were batteries first used in cars?

In the very late 1800s they were used in electric cars.

Does any company make a electric cars 2012 model?

Electric cars are not yet used. However, there are plenty of hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius.

Why is aluminum used in making cars fuel-efficient?

Lighter weight

What are magnets used for in cars?

electric motors mainly.

What kind of cars were used in 1912?

There were gasoline powered cars, electric powered cars and steam powered cars available then.

Are electric cars better for the environment than gasoline cars?

scientifically speaking, their both very useful inventions in their on way. Electric cars are mostly better then gasoline-powered cars because, their mostly used to not polluting the air and to save the planet before it becomes a disaster. Gasoline-powered cars are better than electric cars because they are a lot cheaper the car it self and also the reparation ex; electric cars have batteries and the batteries cost a lot of money however its worth it, because you will no longer be polluting as much air as gasoline-powered cars, So do the right choice! You know what the rigth choice is wink wink. Incase you don't know I'm talking about electric cars.

What is the lightest metal used for cars?

Aluminum is widely stated, but they forget about the wheels. "Mag" wheels are named because they contain magnesium, which is lighter than aluminum.

Are electric paint buffers harmful to your cars finish?

No. Electric paint buffers are used to quickly repair a car's finish.

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Lighter than day darker than night is an idiom that is usually used to describe the moon.

Electric Vehicles For Sale?

Electric vehicles come with a lot of positive; not only do they save money on purchase price but they also require spending less money on gas and maintenance while being less environmentally harmful than gas cars. You can purchase electric cars from most car companies these days with electric cars selling in the range of $30,000 to $40,000. If you wanted to buy a used electric car and save even more money, the prices are usually in the range of $10,000 to $20,000.

Is lithium a good investment?

Electric cars are of the future, it is clean energy, china will be the biggest seller of electric cars and lithium will be used as the makeup of the battery. Lithium is a very good investment.