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Are ghosts and orbs real?


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That would depend on what you believe, yourself. Something that can't be proven...such as often left up to opinion and debate.


it depends what you experience I believe in them because I see them. They are real trust me!


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Depending what you think orbs are in my opinion i think yes.

Ghosts can be small white blobs (orbs) Mist (ectoplasm) or in the shape of a person (shadow ghost) Orbs are white but ectoplasms and shadow ghosts can be black or grey

Ghosts can be small white blobs (orbs), just a randomly shaped mist (ectoplasm) or they can be the shape of a person (shadow ghost) Shadow ghosts and ectoplasms can be grey or black, orbs are always white

Yes there are. For example, there are poltergeists (noisy ghosts), apparitions, ghosts that appear as if they were a repeating section of film on a continuous loop, and ghost lights or orbs.

At least half of people that believe in ghosts or spirits feel that they may manifest themselves in orbs.

Ghosts are real if you believe in them. Monsters are not real.

No, orbs are just dust and other obstructions on the camera's lens or film.

Ghosts are not real, so there is no place they hide.

No Ghosts with clothes on aren't real either.

they are not real.

Nobody really knows that ghosts exist in the first place. So to speculate whether we appear to ghosts as ghosts is jumping the gun. So far there is no proof at all that ghosts are real. Until there is, it's perfectly rational to conclude they are not real. I think they are not real! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHOSTS R REAL you are apsilutly right ghost are very real there are ghost everywhere!

Members of ClubPenguin can dress up as ghosts, but no there are no such thing as real ghosts on club penguin

No spells get rid of ghost. Ghosts are not real and spells are not real.

Yes ghosts are real because i have 3 ghosts in my house.

None whatsoever. Ghosts are not real.

No, they do not. Ghosts are not real.

No Ghosts are not real

It depends on if you have the gift to see ghosts.

ghosts do exist because my mommy went on a ghost trip and found some orbs yes

No; ghosts are not real.

There are a lot of people that believe that ghosts are real. There also maybe people that believe in ghosts, but won't admit it.

There is no real proof so only if you strongly belive there are ghosts, there might be ghosts.

There is no scientific evidence that ghosts are real.

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