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Are girls smarter than boys?


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January 23, 2017 11:42AM

There is no consistent intellectual superiority seen by either gender.

However, clinical studies over the years have demonstrated a divergence in some cultures. They found that females excelled in some mental abilities, while males excelled in others. This varied widely according to the methodology used, and almost all of the conclusions have been debated.

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Boys = Some are smart however, some are not. Boys tend to hold back and use less of their brains than girls. Their behaviour doesn't accurately reflect what they are capable of - So I guess the smarter ones are girls.

Girls = Like boys, some are smart; some are dumb. Girls have the ability to multi-task, they tend to focus more and they tend to do better in school, this is a proven fact - more girls finish school and go to college/uni than boys.

So - Girls are more smarter than boys!

Research has shown that women and girls are smarter. The brain of women is used differently by women and they use more parts at the same time than men/boys do. This is one reason they can multi task. When the brain was compared in imaging it was found that men only show movement in one section of the brain at a time while women light up in several sections.

I dont think there is evidence either way, although I think boys brains are slightely bigger.

Coming from a girl: boys are probably a lot smarter than males, when awards are handed out a lot of them are boys. men have been behind most of the worlds greatest break throughs, in every single field (Science, Medical, Technology, Literature, etc.)
Girls are officially the school brain boxes after GCSE results showed they beat boys in nearly all of the subjects.
But we are all equal in some ways