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ANSWERIn my own personal experience. And I have many. I consider girls with "Daddy Issues" to be girls who never had a father or father figure in their life. I've seen this same trend in many of my relationships. (Maybe I have bad taste maybe not) None of these girls had much in common. All their food, fashion and music taste were very different. Their life style was much the same though. But the childish and selfish ways along with the self-destructiveness lead to only one source: No father. Some were very sexual and others were not. They all did present a lot of affection toward me. Don't know if this answers the above question but its defiantly something I've been pondering about and searching for other opinions on this. AnswerThe above poster has some good points on the issue, but my father and I were close and I guess you could consider me a 'daddy's girl', but it had no effect on my relationships with men in my future.

However, some women that are very close to their fathers (not sexually) often look for older men because they consider the traits in their own father that they admire.

It can swing three ways: As the above poster said; to a woman being close to her father and still having good relationships with men in her future; to dating only older men.


You both aren't talking about girls with daddy issues. The proper term for daddy issues is an Electra Complex and the whole point is that girls who are close and have a stable relationship with their father don't tend to have them. Girls who grew up with an absent father or an abusive father or without enough attention from their father are the ones who get this complex. They tend to date men and get into relationships that are similar to the one she has with her father in a subconscious attempt to fix what's gone wrong between them. For example, a girl with an abusive father can get trapped in a cycle of dating abusive men because the relationship she has with them will be similar to the relationship she had with the most important man in her life growing up: her father.

To answer the question, yes a lot of girls with daddy issues are a lot more sexual and promiscuous when they're younger, especially with older men, but this isn't true in all cases.

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Q: Are girls with daddy issues not that interested in sex or are most of them very sexual?
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