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Q: Are guppies smooth
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Where do guppies sleep?

Guppies sleep at the bottom of the tank. They prefer the smooth glass of the bottom of the tank, so clear a small section of the gravel away if you have gravel, it will be more comfy for your little fish.

Fancy Guppies Sunrise Guppies Neon Guppies etc Can different species of guppies interbreed?

Simple answer is YES.

Do guppies eat their baby guppies?

Yes, guppies will eat their babies. Guppies see pretty much everything as food.

What eats guppies?

Fries (the term for baby guppies), are eaten by older guppies, but guppies are eaten by fish like tuna.

Can you have 2 male guppies in one tank with 3 female guppies?

What are guppies

Are guppies territorial?

Guppies are not territorial I know so as I breed only guppies.

What fish brred best with guppies?

Only guppies breed with guppies naturally.

Do goldfish eat guppies?

If the goldfish is big enough and the guppies small enough, yes the guppies could well be eaten by the goldfish. Also, guppies should never be with guppies are guppies are tropical fish and goldfish are coldwater fish.

Do male guppies eat their own eggs?

Guppies are livebearers. So they don't lay eggs. Male guppies WILL eat their own baby guppies. They will eat any baby guppy they see. It doesn't matter if it's their own or some other guppies'. Male and female guppies eat baby guppies.

Can tiger guppies by violent?

Guppies are guppies are guppies. Tiger just describes their colouring/markings. They are the same in temperament as any other guppy.

Can guppies be with brisslenoses?

Guppies are compatible with Bristlenose catfish, the bristlenose being one of a few catfish that can live with guppies because of the guppies' water.

What fish are guppies compatible with?

Fish that have long, wavy fins should not be put with guppies, because guppies will nibble their long fins. Also, many bigger fish will eat guppies. Keep a separate tank with guppies and a few "cleaner" fish, which do not harm guppies.

What aquatic animal eats guppies?

Platypus's eat guppies!! They eat about 290000 guppies a year. As well, pigs eat guppies occasionally if they are near them.

Do guppies migrate?

Guppies do not migrate.

Are guppies mammels?

No, guppies are fish.

Can you have 2 male guppies in the same tank as 3 female guppies should i buy 3 more females guppies?

No the female guppies will die trust me .

Who eats guppies?

Adult guppies eat their own babies, and fish like tuna eat guppies.

What eat guppies?

most fish will even guppies will eat other guppies it is a risk all ways

What phylum are guppies in?

Guppies phylum is Chordata

What are guppies precipitation?

Guppies do not precipitate. Rain does.

Where do you get guppies?

You can get guppies at a pet store, or a guppy breeder. A professional guppy breeder will probably have higher quality guppies. Also, once you have guppies, if you have at both genders, the female will probably give birth around once a month, which is another way to get guppies.

There are 30 guppies one sixth are not guppies how many fish are not guppies?

5 1/6= 5/30

Will betta fish live with silver sharks guppies angelfish?

bettas will attack guppies angelfish will eat guppies

What can you feed guppies?

I feed my own guppies TetraColor

Do guppies all eat babies guppies?