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Hammerheads are one of the medium sized species of sharks, which make them an easy target for fishermen. Their fins are a delicacy. As a result of overfishing, hammerhead numbers have fallen drastically in many of their habitats. Fishermen usually cut off their fins and toss the remainder of the fish into the sea to die a horrible death. Loss of habitat is another danger to these sharks. Because of widespread uncontrolled hunting, hammerheads are considered an "endangered" species. Unless hunting them is stopped soon, these species may become extinct very soon.

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Are sharks becoming extinct?

Yes they say that sharks are becoming extinct because of fishing sharks as sports activities is 1 reason

When did hammerhed sharks become extinct?

the hammerhead is still alive,not extict.see videos in the internet about hammerhead shark.

Are hammerheads becoming extinct?

In 2008, hammerhead sharks were put on the endangered species list. It is estimated that in the last 30 years the shark population has dropped by 95 percent.

How are sharks becoming extinct?

people are hunting them and killing them

Are bottle-nosed dolphins becoming extinct?

botel nose dolphins are becoming extinct because sharks are eating them.

What eats a hammerhead?

hammerhead sharks can be eaten be octopus or bigger sharks NOT BIGGER SHARKS ONLY OCTOPUSES

Do white sharks eat hammerhead sharks?

White sharks are opportunistic eaters. They will attack and eat a hammerhead.

What is the hammerhead sharks diet?

Hammerhead sharks diet on fish, rays, other sharks, squid, octupus, and crustaeceans.

Do hammerhead sharks live with other sharks?

Hammerheads often live in large groups with other hammerhead sharks.

Is a hammerhead shark a reptile?

Hammerhead sharks, like all sharks, are fish, not reptiles.

Hammerhead sharks life span?

the hammerhead sharks life span is 240 years

How heavy are hammerhead sharks?

Hammerhead sharks can weigh from 500 pounds to 1,000 pounds

Do smooth hammerhead sharks migrate?

All Hammerhead sharks migrate to warmer waters in the winter

Why do hammerhead sharks migrate?

Hammerhead sharks migrate so they can move to warmer climate to breed.

What is a hammerhead sharks habitat it is the color blue?

hammerhead sharks can be found in warmer and tropical waters.

How long do hammerhead sharks sleep for?

hammerhead sharks sleep for 2 to 3 hours a day

What sharks are there in Curacao?

Nurse Sharks, Lemon sharks and Hammerhead Sharks

What are baby hammerhead sharks called?


Have hammerhead sharks killed people?

yes hammerhead sharks have been known to attack and kill people

What are hammerhead sharks enemies?

Other Hammerhead sharks, Great Whites, Killer Whales and, of course, man.

Why conserve white shark?

because like most other sharks, they are becoming extinct.

What is the phylum of hammerhead sharks?

The phylum of the hammerhead shark is Chordata.

What is hammerhead sharks name?

The HammerHead Shark. Kinda obvious!

What colours does hammerhead sharks have?

The Hammerhead shark has two colors

Why is the hammerhead shark important?

hammerhead sharks are important because

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