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yes, and no. they will get the dog sick for a few hours. there's a poison on the tips of the quills but they wont die. just make sure the dog drinks water.

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Q: Are hedgehogs quills dangerous to dogs?
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Are hedgehogs quills poisonous?

No, hedgehogs quills are not poisonous. :) newtest3

What is a hedgehogs protection?

It has quills.

What are hedgehogs quills made from?

Hedgehog quills are modified hairs.

What are baby hedgehogs?

Baby hedgehogs are known as piglets or pups, and are small hedgehogs that have softer quills or spikes when born, then go through different sets of quills through different ages of life to get their adult quills.

Can you trim a hedgehogs quills?

It's possible, as quills are modified hairs - but hedgehogs have about 6,000 on their body and it would be a little pointless.

Does hedgehogs have quills that can hurt you as bad as a porcupine?


What do hedgehogs and rhinos have in common?

Hedgehogs and Porcupines literally have little to nothing in common.They are not related, and the only thing that associates the two are quills.However, there is a large difference between the two even so. A porcupines' quills are extremely sharp, and barbed - that makes them difficult to get out of the victims skin (as the barbs easily detach once stuck into something else, i.e. a victims skin). But a hedgehogs' quills are MUCH duller, and are NOT barbed - and are not dangerous.

Do hegdehogs have quills?

Hedgehogs do have quills for defense, that is way it is recommended that you wear leather gloves when handling your pet hedgehog.

What problems does it cause if hedgehogs groom themselves?

their tongues will get scratched and gross because of the dirt in the quills and the sharpness of the quills.

Why do baby hedgehogs have baths?

Hedgehogs have baths in order to keep their quills clean and free of shavings, dirt, and feces.

Are hedgehogs dirty?

All wild animals are usually considered dirty. If you're talking about a domesticated pet hedgehog, they are only dirty if you don't bathe them regularly. Any hedgehogs quills can harbor bacteria though, especially a wild hedgehogs quills.

Are hedgehogs' spines hairs?

Yes, hedgehog quills are modified hairs.