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Q: Are hermit crabs a type of fish?
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What Enemies Do Hermit Crabs Have?

fish and bigger hermit crabs

What are the hermit crabs preditors?

sea birds, fish, octopuses, crabs, and other hermit crabs

What do long clawed hermit crabs eat?

Small fish, plankton, and other hermit crabs

Is a hermit crab a reptile or fish?

Neither. Hermit crabs and all other crabs are crustaceans.

Are hermit crabs the same as crazy crabs?

Crazy crabs are a type of land or terrestrial hermit crab. There are hundreds of species of hermit crabs.

How do hermit crabs breathe?

As most people know hermit crabs have gills most animals that breathe under water have gills for example a fish. The hermit crabs gill's can work on land but in order for the hermit crab to survive they hermit crabs gills have to be moist....

What do hermit crabs eat in their natural habitat?

hermit crabs like most crabs are scavengers and will eat dead fish and marine animals.

What are hermit crabs enemies?


Can hermit crab eat guppies and what everyday foods can I give hermits?

Hermit Crabs live in sea water. Guppies are freshwater fish and will not be able to live in with hermit crabs. The crabs would no doubt eat whatever dead fish you give them.

What type of hermit crabs live in aquariums?

land hermit crabs live in aquariums.

What are the hermit crabs worst enemy?


Do hermit crabs eat fish?

Yes. But they can't catch them. The little critters, those hermit crabs, are scavengers. And they will eat dead fish or just about anything else if given the chance.

What eats a Brittle Star?

Fish, crabs, hermit crabs, shrimps and other starfish

Can hermit crabs live in a fish tank with fish?

test it out and youll see

Can water hermit crabs live with fish?

Yes, but it has to be certain kinds of fish.

Can you put a hermit crab in a fresh water fish tank?

Marine hermit crabs can only live in an ocean style fish tank with correct salinity, calcium and pH. Land Hermit Crabs cannot live under water. There are no known hermit crabs at this time that live in fresh water although there are several terrestrial crabs that do, like fiddler crabs and moon crabs, however they do not live fully underwater and require dry land to climb out on and rest and molt.

What type of shells do hermit crabs live in when they are in the wild?

Hermit crabs live in sea snail shells so the hermit crabs go in which ever shell they think will be comfy, like turbo shells. Also hermit crabs love shells with a pearl color inside.

What are the hermit crabs predators?

octipi, birds, fish, humans

What type of fish eat hermit crabs?

Here is the thing...hermit crabs dont live in water so they cant be eaten by fish but....MARINE HERMITS CRABSMARINE HERMIES LIVE UNDER WATER BUT YOU SHOULD..... N.E.V.E.RFEED HERMITS TO FISH

Do land hermit crabs need salt water?

No they do not. Give the hermit crabs water that you would put in a tropical fish tank. de-chlorinated lukewarm water)

Can a fish live with a hermit crab?

They cannot live with a land hermit crab because land hermit crabs live out of water so the fish would die (as you know) if it is out of water.

What has the author Neal Pronek written?

Neal Pronek has written: 'Hermit crabs' -- subject(s): Hermit crabs, Hermit crabs as pets 'Tropical fish' -- subject(s): Tropical fish, Aquariums, Juvenile literature, Aquarium fishes 'Oscars' -- subject(s): Cichlids

Do hermit crabs shed their shell before they die?

No, shedding their exoskeletons means that the hermit crab is molting. When hermit crabs molt, they should be put in an isolation tank for safety from the other crabs (hermit crabs love the scent and taste of freshly shed skin...), and after the hermit crab finishes molting, it eats it's exoskeleton for calcium. (If you thing that your hermit crab is dead, it should have a very stinky fish smell)

What kind of fish can hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs do not eat fish they need to eat a variety of foods like:fruits,vegies,hard food and treats like:papaya,coconut,pineapple,banana chips,apples,and mangos

How do you make a home for a pet hermit crab?

I have mine in a fish tank with sand in the bottom. If you have land hermit crabs put something for them to climb on in there and prop up large sea shells so they can barrow under them. Sea hermit crabs they like to hang on fish rocks.