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In short, NO.

Although it has commonly been stated in the past that humans and chimpanzees have 98.5% DNA similarity, this figure has recently been found to be incorrect. Newer research has suggested that there is approximately 96% genetic similarity between Humans and chimpanzees overall.

Of course the fine details depend on what specific chromosomes one is looking at. Although 96% of the DNA is similar overall, there are some very significant differences in some chromosomes, where other chromosomes are nearly identical. Specifically, 18 of the chromosomes of humans are nearly identical to those of chimpanzees, the rest are very different (eg: chromosomes 4, 9, 12, 21, and y).

Some specific examples of differences include:

1) Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes in total while chimpanzees have 24.

2) Chimpanzees and other apes have telomeres about 23 kilobases long, whereas humans are completely unique among primates with much shorter telomeres only 10 kilobases long.

3) The Y chromosome in chimpanzees is smaller than that of humans and only 60% of the genes are similar to those of the y chromosome of humans.


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How are humans and chimpanzees very similar?

The DNA sequence of humans and chimpanzees are 98.5 percent identical, but now Uppalsa University

People around the world are 75 percent genetically identical?

Considering a Chimp's DNA is 99% identical to a humans I would think that people around the world are 99.99999% genetically identical

What two animals are genetically similar?

Donkeys, horses, and zebras are all genetically related. Chimpanzees are 99-point-something-percent genetically related to humans. Cats and dogs have a common ancestor.

Tailless primates that are most like humans anatomically and genetically are?

Chimpanzees are genetically closest.

What is the similarities between monkeys an humans?

Our dna is almost identical. they are the closest animals genetically to humans.

Why are chimpanzees used for testing?

Because they're closest to humans genetically - so any reactions in the chimps will most likely happen in humans.

Which observation supports the inference that humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor?

They have nearly identical DNA.

What animal is genetically almost identical to humans and is nearly as smart and violent as you are too?


Why would it be bad if all humans were genetically identical?

Apart from the obvious that it would suck if everyone was the same and you wouldn't fancy anyone, in genetically identical organisms they are all susceptable to the same diseases.

Why are chimpanzees so much like humans?

Because almost 98% of their DNA sequence is identical to ours !

Have genetic codes which only differ by a mere two percent?

chimpanzees and humans

What and what have genetic codes which onley differ by a mere two percent?

Chimpanzees and humans.

A clone is an organism that is?

genetically identical to another organism. but it has no family. that is way it is illegal to clone humans.

The sequence of amino acids in the cytochrome c molecule an enzyme found in mitochondria is identical in humans and chimpanzees This fact best supports the concept that?

human and chimpanzees have a common ancestor

Can animals get the common cold?

Humans and Chimpanzees Humans and Chimpanzees

How many percent parts humans from the chimpanzees?

Our DNA is about 98-99% similar to Chimps

How were neanderthals genetically different from modern humans?

Less than one percent.

How closely related are humans and chimpanzees?

they share a common ancestor that is extinct, this common ancestor was a lesser ape, we are therefore as close theoretically as to orangutan and gorrilla, however our DNA is 98.9% identical to Chimps, do not be fooled though, we are 40% identical to dandilions!!! a few percent can make a big difference

Did humans evovle from chimpanzees?

No. Both humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor that they both evolved from.

Why chimpanzees different from other mammals?

Well as you know chimpanzees are like humans, There are also other mammals but that are not like humans, like chimpanzees.

How chimpanzees are genetically very similar to humans?

Yes chimpanzees are very alike to us humans also monkeys...they are almost as smart as us humans...they live similar to the way we do ...they can be violence like humans they eat similar foods as yes..there r alot of things alike between us humans & monkeys..if u what to learn more how I would look on will tell u...

What evidence is there that humans did NOT descend from chimpanzees?

There has NEVER been a scientific claim that humans are descendants of chimpanzees!However there are multiple clear sources of evidence that humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestral species roughly 3 million years ago. At that time neither humans or chimpanzees existed.

Do humans descend from chimpanzees?


Are humans closer related to orangutans or chimpanzees?

Our DNA and the DNA of a chimpanzee are 98.8 percent the same! We are more closely related to them.

What is the difference between primates and chimpanzees?

All chimpanzees are primates but not all primates are chimpanzees. Humans, for instance, are primates.