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The nano is O.K, but without a case (anywhere between 2 - 40$), it tends to scratch everywhere, so if your considering it add maybe 25 bucks to the real price. It takes about 2 hours to charge fully, from almost dead to full. Mine tends to freeze sometimes when i plug it in to my computer, but i don't have a case for it :-).


I just paid a mere $40 more for a 60gb iPod Video then the cost of an 8gb ipod nano, so you do the math, if you only have 8gb of video and songs then sure why not get a nano, but if you have a large collection of music or videos, then no. Go big or go home.


The iPod nano is ABSOLUTELY worth the money if you are willing to pay a premium for the small size! You may also consider that with the nano, you will be less likely to purchase a second iPod. I have a 60 GB iPod and an iPod shuffle. The shuffle is perfect for working out. If I had a nano I would only need one iPod.


I have recently bought an ipod nano, and I believe it was worth it. I have never owned any previous mp3 players, plus I am earning a music degree right now, so I needed some source to carry numerous tunes. I bought the white 4G nano, and it works perfectly. I have over 550 songs download on the nano at the moment, most of which are 30-minute symphonies or very large songs. I also love to jog and work-out when I have spare time, and the nano is the perfect size for this.

Scratching should not be an issue if you buy a good case. Your ipod won't stay perfect and new forever, but you can prevent any bad scratching.


Believe me it is worth it i have one and it charges on ur computer with no batteries and for $149.99 youu can get the smallest ipod nano the 1gig which holds 240 songs, IT IS A VERY GOOD BYE!


It is worth it, in my opinion. I've had my iPod nano for several months now, and there is no damage or malfunctions. If you are looking for the best buy, my suggestion would be the colored nanos. (Green, blue, pink, and red.) The silvers are 2GB and $150(full price from;relative price at stores). The colors are 4GB and $200(full price from;relative price at stores). That doubles the memory for just $50, when the colors SHOULD be $300. In my opinion, the black is sleek and nice but it has too much memory to even come near to filling up. I take up just a little below 4GB. Also, as songs get older, you would get tired of them and want to take them out. So, the memory stays the same. For the scratches, I use a silicone case and there is no damage on my iPod, the unprotected screen barely scratches, and I keep it under pretty bad care.


Ipod nanos are worth the money, the new ones can hold up to 8 gigs of music and videos depending on the model, you can also put pictures, games, etc too. But, if you want more space, go for the Ipod Classic.


i have a old ipod nano hoping to get a new one and i say if u have the money it is worth it

AnswerI have a 4th gen, and recently bought a used 1st gen. You pay a premium for Apple stuff, but I like both. I like my 4th gen more, but only because of the 16gb. I would buy the extra space, but not a new touchscreen one.
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Q: Are iPod Nanos worth the money?
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