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No, kids that are 12 and under are not allowed. This is because they do not have enough knowledge about Gmail. 13 is the legal age to get Gmail account.


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Yes, you will see kids under 12 in public in Ireland.

google, gmail is good, its easy... and safe :D

it depend on what they are and yes kids can shop alone.

You can take a zumba class only for kids. I have heard of one 8 years old to 12 years old.

i would say so but its up to the parents

yes kids under 12 can go swimming

Kid over the age of 12 are allowed to use the facilities with the permission of a parent or gardian who has signed them up for membership. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the machines

First off, The AGE REQUIREMENT IS 13+ any person who plays that is under 13 Is NOT allowed on, and faking your birthdate will be filed in as false information and result in a ban.

Yup there is there's a website called Facebook for kids.

i dont no but i said i was 20 but i am not am 12

no not really there is no games like imvu for kids 12 and under and has 3d featers.

First we need to define "Kids". To me this means Pre-Teen or 12 and under. Persons of this age should not be allowed to operate Automobiles on public roads at any time for any reason. Drive Go carts or other toys, yes under adult supervision.

WolfQuest is a good game for kids under 12, I used to play it and well you get to be a wolf and have a life like a wolf. You should try Wolfquest

No, I'd wait until 12+. if you do get a gmail, do NOT add strangers.

25¢ for kids under 12. 50¢ for over 12 & adults.

Energy drinks are bad for kids 12 and under.

FaceBook is for those thirteen and older.

if your like 12 its probably fine.

Certainly. If you have the talent, you have the talent.

I've read that teenagers are most ticklish out of anyone.

For kids under 12 spongebob, for anyone over 12 south park

Legally, kids under 12 are not allowed to work, unless they are working in a family owned business or farm. You can get jobs like baby-sitting You could mow their lawns.

Fairfax Conty rules are that kids from 1-12 are not allowed to go anywhere alone without a parent. From 12 your allowed to let your childen go anywhere alone. proven by Homeland Security.

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