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Bunk beds are generally safe for children. Many bunk beds come with safety features such as safety railings on the sides. A lot of deciding what is "safe" also depends on the age of your children and whether they would feel safe in a bunk bed.

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Bunk beds are safe for children that are comfortable wil bed sleep. If in doubt, use a bunk wall.

I would not recomend them for kids they can get burned.

No they are to soft and fluffy for infants that is why you can not find feather beds for kids.

Loft beds can be harder for children because there are more safety concerns. There needs to be a good guardrail in place to prevent the child from falling out of bed.

Yes, as long as you check them over for problems then you shouldnt have any issues. Just because they are used doesnt mean that they will fall apart. If a bunk bed looks sturdy then it most likely is. Used bunk beds can be just as safe as new ones. Just double check all bolt and bracket connections and tighten up any thing that seems loose.

Infants and small children should never be left unattended on a feather bed.

There are some benefits to buying a bunk bed, as opposed to two single beds. First, bunk beds take up much less space in a bedroom, and the leftover space can be used for other furniture. Some bedrooms don’t even have space for two beds, and the only solution would be to have a bunk bed. Second, children love bunk beds because they are fun, and they feel like they are not alone during the night. Separate beds can be isolating, and some children are more afraid at night as a result. They will also distract each other less, because they cannot see each other. As a result, they will get a better night’s sleep. Third, if adults are sleeping on the beds, there is more privacy. Therefore, a male to female adult combination would feel more comfortable sleeping in the bunk beds. This is perfect for siblings, relatives, or friends who may be traveling living together. As stated before, bunk beds can be a lot of fun for children. Some are even made in the form of a castle or roller coaster, and siblings can feel as if they are playing in a castle or on a roller coaster as they go to sleep at night. It is a great way to encourage them to get to bed and puts a positive spin on sleeping. On a more serious note, make sure the bunk bed meets the safety requirements of the American Standards of Testing and Materials and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Safety is very important when buying bunk beds or any other furniture for children. Next, lay on the bed and check to see that it is strong and well constructed. If it supports your weight, it will support your child’s weight. Try out the ladder, and make sure it is also sturdy. Also, the mattress should fit the frame well and not have any space for limbs or fingers to fall through. The bed should have strong rails to ensure the child can’t roll off the bed. Check these out as well. Finally, make sure the store you are buying from is well known and has a good reputation. If it is, you can feel more confident you are buying a safe and long-lasting bunk bed.

Yes, they are safe for many children. Smaller children should get duplo sets.

Tanning beds are a potential danger for adults and probably even more so for children since their skin is more delicate. I would never recommend placing a child in a tanning bed.

Horse club is perfectly safe for children although you do have to moneter.

Yes, they are safe for children. Most children love going on paddle boats. They are designed so that kids can help paddle the boat.

cement blocks for walls which were infested with bugs and mold. With barb wire at the top of every wall and door to make sure that the Jews werent able to escape. The beds were made from rotting wood which was safe b/c they were bunk beds shared by at least 10 on top and bottom.

Little Tikes Guitar is safe for children as long as they are being supervised.

Sealy has some excellent beds which are both safe and rather good looking.

Make it Sew- Sewing Machine by As You Wish are safe for children 8 and up.

I have had a ceiling fan installed in my room since I was a child, and I've never had any problems with it, so in my opinion it's perfectly safe. The only caution would be if the room had bunk beds, or a studio bed, where the bed is close to the ceiling, but this doesn't seem to be an issue in this case.

Well actually sugar free gum is better for kids over gum that is filled w/ sugar and i think it is safe for kids

Pit pulls are adorable and is protective around children!

yes it is. It is safe for children to watch. There are no inappropriate things.

well it depends what age your children are and how sensible they kids will be kids! on the packet there should be an age on the packet,im sure you'll find it.

theres never a safe amount. pedophiles are attracted to any number of children hope this helped

Yes it is I am 46 and my 5 year old daughter and I play it every day when she is home from Kindergarten Definitely safe for children it is made for children and best of all no downloading or scams! It is a children's game so yes it is safe for children!

"No, the site named College Invasion is not safe for children. This website offers pornographic material and should not be accessed by children under any circumstances."

No motorized kitchen implement is safe for young children. Kids should be taught not to use electric appliances without an adult present and supervising the operation.

There is google safe search, Boolify, and ask kids

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