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Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. So some people who answer them are knowledgeable, and some are not.

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Q: Are knowledgeable people answering the questions?
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How do you find the information i need?

The people answering your questions are knowledgeable in relation to the questions you ask. seeking out publications with data on the subject matter

Do people answering your questions or the computer is?

YES! Real people are answering all of these questions.

Are you a human answering my questions?

Yes. People just like you and me are answering these questions.

What is a good sentence with knowledgeable in it?

James's history professor has proven himself very knowledgeable about the second world war.Some users on WikiAnswers are very knowledgeable at answering questions concerning 'Sentence and Word Structure'.

Is this people who are answering people questions?


Who is answering on health related questions?

There are many types of people who are answering health related questions.

Why do you not answer the questions?

LOL, its because regular people answer the questions its not a computer answering .

Why do you not answer questions posed here?

The questions posted here are answered. Sometimes, a question may be unknown by some and require a person more knowledgeable to answer it. This can cause a delay in the answering time.

How old is the person answering these questions?

It is not one person answering the questions. Many different people answer the questions. They are of many different ages, from young to old.

Is this a computer answering you or a person?

It's other people answering the questions when they search through them :)

Who are the people answering all the questions?

users like me and you

What is the point of this site?

answering questions that people ask!

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