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No, they can just be signs of a normal pregnant

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โˆ™ 2008-04-20 14:28:32
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Q: Are low abdomen pain and bloated stomach signs of twin pregnancy?
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Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

Are stomach aches and vaginal discharge signs of pregnancy?

Stomach aches and vaginal discharge are signs of pregnancy.Although nausia an stomach cramps are major signs of pregnancy.If neede,take a pregnancy test for more accuracy.

You feel really bloated lately and am very gassy and have a sour stomach a lot could these be signs of pregnancy?

It could be. Are you late? If you are late take a test. If you aren't late, wait until your period is due and test.

Are nausea bloating and pains in lower abdomen signs of pregnancy?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. Nausea, bloating, and lower abdominal pain are more likely to be signs of acute gastroenteritis. Take a pregnancy test.

If you are tired have headaches and body aches and tender nipples bloated and strange feeling in your stomach could you be pregnant?

Of course! these are obvious signs of pregnancy, however there are other conditions that could explain this too, including problems with your cycle. go get a pregnancy test if you want to know!

If your stomach is ichy is it signs of pregnancy?

If your stomach is ichy it is signs of pregnancy This is not a sure thing and your stomach could simply be itchy from dry skin like any other part of the body. Try "Aveeno" lotion. Wait and then take a pregnancy test.

Are the following symptons signs of pregnancy - breast soreness nausea moodiness bloated and food aversions?

A short answer: They can be. They can also be signs of something else wrong, especially in the absence of a positive pregnancy test.

Is stomach cramps bloating clear frequent discharge signs of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period they may be signs of pregnancy. If you have not missed a period they are not.

You feel bloated and have a lot of gas and you think you might be pregnant. Could these be pregnancy signs?

Yes, they could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Does painful breasts light abdominal pains and bloated abdomens mean early symptoms of pregnancy?

that are a few of the signs of pregnancy take a test I think that you are

Is feeling unusually bloated a sign of pregnancy?

I am pregnant, and YES that is definitely a symptom. In fact, for most women, that is one of the first signs...

Is burning acid feeling in the stomach an early sign of pregnancy?

No, it's an early sign of heart burn or indigestion, however, these signs may be signs of pregnancy.

Is one of the signs of pregnancy when your stomach is always rumbling?

NO, that is a sign of hunger.

What are signs of tuble pregnancy?

If you are referring to a tubal pregnancy (or an ectopic pregnancy), the symptoms vary. In my case, I had very painful lower back and left leg - some women get severe shoulder pain. I had some general pregnancy signs (tender breasts, bloated stomach) and a "feeling" I may be pregnant (despite being on the Pill). This is not something to consider - go get checked out by a doctor or hospital - they will do a blood test and likely an ultrasound - I had 2 x negative home pregnancy tests. Good luck.

Signs of hamster pregnancy?

Wider abdomen, drinking more, eats more, makes a nest, restlessness

Stomach pain a sign of pregnancy?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are typical signs of pregnancy. Stomach pain can have many causes. If you have abdominal pain and a positive pregnancy test, call your health care provider today.

Is it possible to have signs of pregnancy 4 days after sex because ive been feeling really bloated something I am not familiar with?

Oh but of course!

What are pregnancy signs in 17 year old girls?

A bigger stomach and no periods :/

How soon after mating does a dog show signs of pregnancy?

after you see her stomach bigger

Can you be pregnant if your stomach and back are really sore?

If you are pregnant enough to have a sore stomach and back, a pregnancy test will be positive. Take a home test. Normal signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test.

What are signs for early stages of pregnancy?

Some early signs of pregnancy are: feeling bloated, nausea, vomitting, increased hunger, etc. If you have missed your period, and think you may be pregnant get a home pregnancy test there are several for early detection. Also, please don't have an abortion many people would love your baby.

Are these signs of pregnancy cramping feeling very tired and pain in abdomen?

While tiredness is a sign of early pregnancy, the other signs are not. Possibly it would be best to seek a medical opinion. A pregnancy home test can be done as well. Absence of periods is often the first sign of pregnancy along with tiredness.

When does your stomach begin to show signs of pregnancy?

Usually in the second trimester but everyone is different.

Why is your period a lighter flow than normal and you feel dizzy fainty vomiting and get headaches and bloated stomach?

Take a pregnancy test! These are all classic signs of pregnancy. Even if you report you are still having your period. If it comes up negative I would suggest you seek a doctor as these could be signs of an infection - an incomplete miscarriage, fibroids, stomach/bowel infection. Hello - This could be because you are pregnant. I would see your doctor for a blood test asap to confirm whether you are pregnant or not hun. Meanwhile take it easy. Take care. :o)

If your stomach bubbles after intercourse are you pregnant?

There are no signs or symptoms immediately after sex that demonstrate that you're pregnant. "Stomach bubbling" is not a symptom of pregnancy.